The Best Simple Double Cream Substitutes

Looking for an alternative to Double Cream? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for my favourite simple Double Cream substitutes both dairy and dairy-free.

What is Double Cream?

Double Cream is a thick rich decadent dairy product made by separating out the creamy fat component of milk. It contains around 50% fat. Compared with whipping or pouring cream which is typically 35% fat. Double cream is thick enough to dollop on desserts or cakes. It can also be whipped for an even thicker treat.

It isn’t readily available in the US but can be found in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

The Best Double Cream Substitutes – Dairy

1. Whipped Cream

While whipped cream contains more air and less fat, it is the best alternative to double cream when you’re looking for something to serve with cakes or sweet treats.

2. Un-Whipped Whipping Cream

Whipping cream that hasn’t been whipped will be much runniner and less rich than double cream but will be better than no cream.

3. Butter

Unsalted butter which is 80% fat is much richer than double cream but can be melted and used to give richness to creamy sauces to replace double cream. You won’t need as much butter to get a similar result.

4. Sour Cream / Cream Fraiche

These cultured creamed don’t contain as much fat as double cream but texturally they are similar due to the thickening nature of the acid from the cutlure. The flavour will be more tart and tangy – which may or may not be a good thing.

5. Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurts contain a lot less fat (approx 10%) compared to double cream (approx 50% fat) so it will be much lighter and more acidic. Just be careful if your recipe requires the double cream to be cooked as yoghurt will curdle if brought to the boil, so best to add it at the last minute.

The Best Dairy-Free Double Cream Substitutes

1. Coconut Cream

While the flavour is different, coconut cream is the closest dairy-free alternative you’ll get to double cream. I generally put it in the fridge before using so it’s easy to discard the watery liquid and use the rich white creamy part.

2. Cashew ‘Cream’

I love making this fresh creamy sauce using cashews and lime juice as a dairy-free alternative to sour cream. YOu can use the same recipe but just use water instead of the lime and use unsalted cashews to give you an approximation of double cream.

3. Pine Nut ‘Cream’

A similar idea to the cashew sauce above using pine nuts instead. Recipe here. Again for a sweet option you’ll want to skip the garlic and use water instead of the lemon.

4. Almond or Cashew Butter

While almond and cashew butter have a nuttier flavour and different appearance to double cream, they have a similar fat content and can be used to give lovely richness when double cream isn’t an option.

How to Store Double Cream

Double Cream is best stored in the refrigerator. I generally ignore he best before date and eat it even a week after it is out of date. As long as there’s no mold growing on it. Don’t freeze as the fat crystals go all grainy when defrosted.

Whats the difference between whipping cream and double cream?

Double cream is whipping cream which as had less of the watery component remaining. Meaning double cream contains more fat (typically around 48% or higher) where as whipping cream only contains around 35% fat.

Double Cream Goes with…

  • Coffee & Double Cream
  • Chocolate & Double Cream
  • Raspberries & Double Cream
  • Strawberries & Double Cream
  • Cake & Double Cream

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