The Best Simple Flat Leaf Parsley Substitutes

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Looking for an alternative to Flat Leaf Parsley? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for my favourite simple Flat Leaf Parsley substitutes.

What is Flat Leaf Parsley?

Flat Leaf Parsley, also known as Italian Parsley or Continental Parsley is a leafy green herb that can also be used as a salad leaf. The aroma is fresh and green with a very mild, slightly grassy note. Given the fresh mild flavour, it works well in a variety of cuisines from Lebanese to Italian and even in some parts of Asia.

The Best Flat Leaf Parsley Substitutes

(in order of preference)

1. Curly Parsley

Curly Parsley is more grassy in flavour than its continental cousin but they are quite similar. The main difference is the texture of the leaves with curly parsley being, well curlier, which makes it slightly harder to chew. Although once chopped you won’t notice.

2. Mint

Will work in a similar way to parsley but just takes the flavours in a different direction. You won’t feel like you’re missing anything.

3. Basil

Basil is much stronger and more peppery than parsley, so it wouldn’t be my first choice. But it will add some greenery and fragrance to your dish so you could do worse.

4. Coriander / Cilantro

Visually coriander leaves look like a smaller version of parsley but the flavour is completely different. But if it’s the only fresh herb you have it will be better than nothing. Just start with less and add more if needed.

5. Chervil

Chervil looks like a more delicate version of parsley. And while there are similarities in the flavour, chervil will bring a little of its sweet aniseed which will generally be a welcome addition.

How to Prepare Flat Leaf Parsley

Wash, dry then pick the leaves away from the stems. Either discard the stems re finely chop and use them as well. The leaves can then be either used whole, torn or finely chopped. If I’m in a rush I just coarsely chop the whole bunch including stems.

How to Store Flat Leaf Parsley

I keep mine wrapped in paper towel and then in plastic bag in the fridge. Will keep for at least 2 weeks possibly longer, depending on how fresh it was when you bought it. I’ve had some survive for over a month!

You can also freeze parsley – it will be completely wilted and look terrible when defrosted but will still add it’s characteristic subtle fresh flavour and gorgeous green colour.

Flat Leaf Parsley goes with…

  • Chicken & Flat Leaf Parsley
  • Eggs & Flat Leaf Parsley
  • Fish & Flat Leaf Parsley
  • Mayonnaise & Flat Leaf Parsley
  • Lemon & Flat Leaf Parsley
  • Lamb & Flat Leaf Parsley
  • Mint & Flat Leaf Parsley
  • Capers & Flat Leaf Parsley

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Have fun in the kitchen!

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