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What if I don’t like something?

Easy you can delete any recipes you don’t like and add in other Simple Meal Plans recipes (or your own recipes). The shopping list updates automatically.

But if you try them and they’re not to your liking, it’s all good. I’ll give you your money back.

I truly only want to keep it if you’re 100% happy :)

I follow a low carb / paleo / vegetarian / gluten-free / dairy-free way of eating. Will the recipes be suitable for me?

Yes! If you’re low carb or gluten-free ALL the recipes will suit. Because that’s how I eat as well.

If you’re paleo or dairy-free most of the recipes will be suitable. And when they’re not, I include alternative ideas so you can easily adjust.

And for my vegetarian friends, each week the Monday and Wednesday recipes are vegetarian. However you’ll need to adjust and use the vegetarian variations for the remaining meals or add in different recipes.

Oh and if you need to feed carb lovers or die hard carnivores, I include an option to keep them happy in the plans and shopping lists.

The only people not covered are vegans and low FODMAP.

What if I want to use my own recipes?


You can easily add your own recipes to any meal plan. The shopping list will update automatically.

What if my schedule changes?

Simple Meal Plans are built with this in mind.

Each recipe comes with a ‘Waste Avoidance Strategy’ so if your plans change, you’ll know exactly how to avoid waste.

Are simple meal plans suitable for families?

It depends on the family!

The recipes and shopping lists are written for 2 adults but you can adjust the serving sizes and the recipes and shopping list update automatically.

I generally add the ‘carb lovers’ option for my boys. And serve them a small amount of the main meal.

Well I serve them everything. Whether they eat the veggies is a completely different story (I live in hope though!)

I’m single. Are the meal plans suitable for me?

Absolutely. The recipes are fully adjustable so you can change to 1 serving without having to think. The shopping list will update automatically.

Or like lots of my single customers, you can cook 2 serves and save the extras for lunch the next day.

Will I be able to find the ingredients?

99% of my ingredients are available in my local supermarket.

On the rare occasion I use something exotic, I always include a substitute idea in the recipe and shopping list.

What if I want to prepare ahead and cook on the weekends?

Then you’ll love my weekly ‘prepare ahead’ guide which will show you what to cook in advance.

There are also some bonus ‘Sunday Cooking Sessions’ meal plans which allow you to cook once and eat all week.

This is totally optional though. Many people just cooking the meals each night.

I’m really short on time, how long will these recipes take?

The majority of the meals can be made in 30-minutes or less.

Occasionally there will be a slow cooked dish. Then I include a ’short on time’ variation.

Are the meal plans seasonal?


Each week there is a separate meal plan for the different hemispheres. You choose which one you use.

So you’ll be using fresh produce at its peak.

I use a CSA / veg delivery box service. Will the meal plans be suitable?

It really depends on how confident you are with substituting ingredients. I have some members who enjoy the challenge.

The best way to see if it will work for you is to try it.

If it doesn’t, I’ll be happy to give you your money back .

What type of measurements do you use?

I include both metric and US measurements for all my recipes.

It’s a good idea to try at least one of the recipes from my FREE eCookbook before you sign up to make sure you’re happy with my recipe style.

I’m not ready to start simplifying and receiving all the benefits of meal planning yet.
Can I join later?

Absolutely! I’ve been meal planning for my members every week since January 2014 and I’m not going anywhere.

Whenever you are ready you can signup over here.

Do you have a sample meal plan?

Not at this stage.

If you want to try my recipes there are hundreds of them here on my blog.

If you haven’t cooked any of my recipes before this would be the best place to start.

Then once you know you like my recipe style, the best way to try out the meal plans is to sign up.

If you don’t like them for any reason just reply to any of my emails and let me know. I’ll be totally happy to refund all of your money.

There’s no risk for you.

It’s up to me to provide you with amazing meal plans!

I’m worried I would pay but not use the service…

It’s my mission to inspire you to take action!

You’ll receive plenty of support, inspiration and encouragement to help you embed the meal planning habit.

AND use the plans.

I really only want people to stay if they’re getting value from the program which is why I have the no-questions-asked guarantee.

If you’re not using it, I don’t deserve to keep your money :)

I don’t like the idea of the automatic renewal on my credit card. Can I just pay one-off?

No. But I have a ‘cancel-any-time’ guarantee so you can email us to stop your future payments whenever you like.

Regardless of when you cancel you’ll still have access to everything for the full time you have paid for.

What’s is included in my membership?

Essentially you get my life’s work.

So ALL my recipes, ALL the weekly meal plans and shopping lists and ALL my online cooking programs and bonus trainings.

It’s like the Netflix of simple cooking

It’s insanely good value.

Simple Meal Plans are RISK FREE.
You LOVE the meals
OR I give your money back.

(with a smile)

When you’re ready to eat healthier.

Join Simple Meal Plans.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard.

Let me help you keep it simple.

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With love,
Jules x