the simple secret to tofu that even hardened carnivores will LOVE
[5 ingredients | 10 minutes]

scrambled tofu-3 scrambled tofu-2

‘We’re having tofu for dinner tonight, honey’ – words to make a hardened carnivore cringe. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Before my Irishman and I embarked on our vegetarian month back in May, neither of us were that excited about tofu. And while we didn’t become raving tofu fans immediately, my interest in this underrated vegetarian staple was piqued.

Since then I’ve been experimenting. First there was my smoked tofu phase – the vegetarians answer to bacon. Then I got into marinating and pan frying – with some wonderful results.

But my latest discovery has been scrambled tofu. Which gets rid of the whole square, unnatural shape problem. But the best thing is that scrambling really allows tofu to do what tofu does best – soak up other flavours.

So today I’m sharing my scrambled tofu with tomato & peppers that is so meaty and delicious, I’m convinced it’s the secret to turning even the most hardened carnivore. I’m not suggesting it will convince someone to give up meat forever, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy to agree to a meat free dinner every now and then.

scrambled tofu with tomato & peppers from jules clancy on vimeo.

scrambled tofu

[5 ingredients | 10 minutes]
scrambled tofu with tomato & peppers

serves 2

While I love delicate, silken tofu in my miso soup, firm tofu is my preferred option for cooking with. I find the best firm tofu is the one that feels the firmest in the packet, so go ahead and have a little squeeze in the supermarket.

Feel free to spice this up with a little fresh or dried chilli. With a little extra tomato paste, I’m thinking it would make a wonderful sauce for pasta.

In the photo I’ve served it with the leaves on the side, but I think it actually looks prettier serving the scrambled tofu on top of a bed of leaves.

1/2 jar red peppers (about 150g / 5oz), drained
300g (10oz) firm tofu, drained and crumbled into chunks
4 tablespoons tomato paste
2 teaspoons smoky paprika
green leaves, to serve

1. Heat a few tablespoons olive oil in a large frying pan (skillet).

2. Add peppers and stir for a few seconds. Add tofu and stir fry, breaking it up further with a fork or spoon. Cook for a few minutes.

3. Add tomato paste and paprika. Continue to cook and stir for a few more minutes until everything is hot and the tofu is well scrambled.

4. Taste and Season. Serve on a bed of greens.


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