The Best Simple Anchovy Substitutes

Anchovy Substitutes

Looking for an alternative to Anchovy? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for my favourite simple Anchovy substitutes.

What is Anchovy?

Anchovy are very small, deeply flavoured oily fish that tend to be polarising. People either love their intense salty, briny umami hit. Or not.

They are generally preserved in either salt or oil and last for years in the pantry.

Simple Anchovy Substitutes

1. Salt

If you’re a fan of anchovy, the easiest substitute is to skip and add a little salt instead. YOu’ll miss out on the extra umami complexity but that may not be significant.

2. Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is essentially fermented liquid anchovies. It won’t work on dishes like pizza where you need the anchovies in solid form but for stews or other dishes where some extra liquid won’t be a problem fish sauce is a magic substitute.

3. Soy Sauce

As per fish sauce in terms of liquid, soy sauce will provide the salt and umami associated with fish sauce but without the fishiness – so a great option for vegetarians.

4. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce actually contains anchovies so will give you some of the umami complexity but has the limitation of being a liquid. It also tends to be sweeter so you may need more to get a similar result.

5. Dried Mushrooms

This is taking things in a completely different direction but dried mushrooms or mushroom powder can provide umami to replace your anchovies – you’ll need extra salt.

6. Parmesan

Another non-fishy source of salt and umami.

7. Bacon

For pizza and other things where you need solids, bacon will give you that salty umami with an extra boost of smokiness – not necessarily a bad thing.

8. Olives

If it’s salty complexity you’re after – olives will dish up that in bucketloads.

9. Capers

Work in a similar way to olives – especially salted capers.

How to Store Anchovy

In an airtight container in your pantry.

Anchovy Flavour Pairings

  • Beef & Anchovy
  • Olive & Anchovy
  • Tomato & Anchovy
  • Cream & Anchovy
  • Capers & Anchovy

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