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stonesoup semi toasted muesli

I really struggle to understand how people can wake up to the same breakfast day after day.  For me the battle to get out of bed in the morning is tough enough and I often bribe myself with thoughts of something tasty. Sourdough toast with my Mum’s blackberry jam, crumpets with honey & dukkah, the occasional bowl of piping hot porridge sweetened with brown sugar, La Tartine chunky fruit loaf toasted and slathered with butter, dried fruit compote with natural yoghurt, ricotta on toast, even bagels spread with vegemite and philly cream cheese, all have a place in my breakfast repertoire. But always on the outlook for new flavour sensations, I’ve been increasingly experimenting in the wonderful world of muesli.

While I’m quite partial to a natural muesli, commercial ones do tend to be a bit too chaffy for my liking. On the other hand I find that while I love the crunchy complexity of toasted muesli or granola, the heaviness and the thought of all that extra added fat turns me off. But as happens so often in life, I’ve found a solution to my muesli dilemma by taking things into my own hands and making my own.

My current favourite is a blend of toasted and natural, I like to think of it as semi toasted. I make a batch of muesli without the fruit then take aside about a third of the mix and combine it with apple puree and spices (you don’t need to add any fat) and bake until crunchy and golden before blending with the remaining untoasted grains. The result is a light, toasty, nutty seed and grain mix with none of the chaffiness and none of the heaviness…I would call it Just Right if some cereal giant hadn’t beaten me to the name….

I’ve also been experimenting with bircher style muesli. This is a completely different beast and if you love the creamy texture of a good porridge or oatmeal, you’ll love the silky creamy texture that the oats take on after soaking in milk and water. Jamie Oliver likes his version so much he calls it pukkola. You can use yoghurt instead of the milk but I like to keep the texture nice and oozy.  Grated apples are traditionally used and it adds a lovely fresh sweetness to the mix. Pear also works well….healthy and tasty…all good things

stonesoup semi toasted muesli
makes heaps

The best thing about making your own cereal is that you get to add all the things you like and none of the things you don’t. If you can’t find rolled triticale or barley, just substitute rolled oats.

My favourite way to serve this is about half muesli mixed with half chopped fresh fruit (grapes are a current winner) and a generous splash of skim milk. It also makes a great crunchy topping to stir through your favourite yoghurt.

8C 800g rolled triticale
4C 420g rolled oats
4C 440g rolled barley
2C 130g shredded coconut
1C 150g sunflower seeds
2C 250g slivered almonds
1/4C 25g linseeds (flaxseed)
4C 560g diced dates
2C 500g apple puree or apple juice
2t cinnamon ground
pinch ground cardamon

Mix grains, nuts and seeds together. Remove approx 8C of the mix to another bowl and stir through apple puree & spices. Divide between 2 trays and bake at 150C approx 45 stirring periodically until toasted and dark golden.

Allow to cool before combining all remaining ingredients. Pack in airtight containers or ziplock plastic bags. Should keep for at least 6months, depending on the freshness of your ingredients.

pecan, prune & pear bircher muesli
makes approx 5 serves

There are infinite combinations that you could try out. I’ve offered a few suggestions below. I’m also toying with the idea of experimenting with other grains aside from oats. For a creamier version you could substitute all skim milk or even whole milk.

Will keep in the fridge for about a week depending on how fresh your milk was at the time of use.

1C pecans, chopped and toasted
1C pitted prunes, chopped
2C quick oats
1C skim milk
1C water
1 ripe pear, cut into matchsticks or coarsley grated
1/2t ground cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate overnight. 

Serve straight up or with natural yoghurt and a drizzle of maple syrup or honey or even with some extra milk and a crunchy topping of semi toasted muesli.

alternate flavour options:
apricot, almond, apple and coconut
fig, ginger, pear and cashew
apple date and macadamia


pecan, prune & pear bircher muesli


  • Wow! The photo is tempting enough in itself, but then reading through the ingredients list makes me wish I was coming over for breakfast! Guess a trip to the supermarket is in order to hunt down these components :)

  • Your bircher muesli sounds delicious, full of all the things I love, especially prunes. I only know of one other person that loves prunes like I do and she happens to be my mother so its nice to see someone using prunes in their recipes. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts, your site is great and easy to navigate, thanks!

    I have been reading everyone else’s food blogs for months now and this is the first time I have made a comment….finally! I didn’t feel it was my place to leave a comment without having my own blog and now that I have recently set that up I am happy to enter the world of fellow food obsessed bloggers.

  • this looks wonderful! I am the same, I need to bribe myself with food to make getting out of bed in the morning easier. It’s so hard, especially witht hese cold winter mornings.

  • i’ve been meaning to post o home made muesli for months. it’s so quick and cheap to make compared to those packets ones, many expensive and most tasting like the inside of a hamster cage. My ictures also looked like I’d been cleaning the hamster cage. great muuesli pic.

  • Unfortunately the only time I make enough time to have a proper breakfast it always tends to involve bacon and eggs in some arrangement… You may have almost tempted me to the dark side of cereal love with this one…

  • Totally agree!
    In fact the most people I know don’t even HAVE breakfast (!)
    How can that be?? Breakfast is the best meal of the day! Especially when I’m going to try this muesli! =) it’s looks delicious + sounds great!
    Just discovered your blog (as many others…) but really like it! Your pictures and writing are amazing… Am waiting for new posts!! =)
    Have just started a foodblog myself actually. So excited to try all this new things! Really hope you’ll check it sometimes!

  • I’m a breakfast person myself, and am always looking for new things to eat early in the morning. I love muesli but have never made my own. You have just inspired me! Thanks! :)

  • Mmm, I made the fig, pear, and cashew version last night. It was delicious this morning! I just discovered this website, and I want to make everything in it!! :)

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