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little cookies & cream cheesecakes

If you had asked me this time last year whether I would have written and be publishing a cookbook in the next 12 months, I’m pretty sure my answer would have been in the negative. Sure I had this idea kicking around in my head that a collection of my late mother’s recipes would be a great project to pull together and a lovely way to remember and celebrate her life. But I also knew that it’s a long long journey from idea to published author. And well my friends, what a journey it’s been.

This week I come to you with an announcement or two and to sweeten the deal I have a recipe on hand. Using only 4 ingredients, these little beauties are as easy as they are delicious. But I digress. Announcements are in order, and then we’ll talk chocolate.

i. Online Bookstore
The release of my first book, ‘and the love is free’ is all on track for what would have been my Mum’s Birthday 29th June. My online bookstore is now open and ready to take pre orders. Get in quick as the first 100 copies to sell online will be numbered and signed and of course individually dedicated. There’s a sample of the contents and a few of the recipes to give you a taste just click on the cover image HERE.

ii. Book Launch – Gunning
It seems only right to have my first book launch in my home town of Gunning. We’ll be at the Merino Cafe from 3.30pm on Saturday 27th June. If you do happen to be in the area, please drop in for some afternoon tea and a chat. You can see the invite on Flickr HERE. If you need directions drop me a line on jules[at]thestonesoup[dot]com.

iii. Good Food & Wine Show Sydney
Those wine loving gals from Kampai have kindly invited me to hang out with them for the Sydney edition of the Good Food & Wine Show 3rd – 5th July. It’s going to be great fun so head to the Kampai Wine Experience stand if you want to say hello and learn about their in home wine tasting and even pick up your very own copy of ‘and the love is free’.

iv. Book Launch – Sydney
With the arrival of a limited number of hardcover copies from the printers (they take an extra 4 weeks) it seems like the perfect excuse to have a few late Sunday afternoon drinks and sign a few books. Venue is to be confirmed but keep Sunday 19th July free.

v. Mailing List
It’s been a long time in the making but the stonesoup mailing list is now up and running. Sign up here for monthly recap of recent blog posts plus exclusive news and special announcements. Or if email updates aren’t your thing, check out the RSS links or my Twitter feed.

Anyway back to chocolate and cream cheese. A match made in heaven. These little cheesecakes were a total winner at a dinner party a few weeks ago. As a little sweet treat to follow a rich wintery stew of beef cheeks, they didn’t hang around for long. Nor did they take to long to whip up, always a good thing if you ask me.

little cookies & cream cheesecakes
makes 12

Inspired by Sonja Berynk from the Campbell Arnott’s consumer kitchen.

I just love the idea of using biscuits (cookies) that have been softened and moulded as a tartlet shell. So easy and so cute. I’ve included instructions for warming in the oven but Sonja recommends using a microwave, either way is fine.

If you prefer a crunchy shell serve them as soon as you fill them. I prefer to make them a few hours in advance. This gives the moisture in the filling a chance to soften the bases into cakey fudgey goodness.

Cookies & Cream Tim Tam Crush are one of my babies from my day job desiging chocolate biscuits. They were launched earlier this year. If you can’t get your hands on them, Tim Tam Original would work well – you won’t need the whole pack though. If you aren’t lucky enough to live somewhere where you can buy Tim Tams, try your favourite chocolate coated biscuit, preferably with some cream. Please let me know if you come up with any amazing combinations.

12 choc ripple biscuits or other plain cocoa cookie
1 packet (150g or 5oz) Tim Tam Crush Cookies & Cream biscuits
200g (7oz) light cream cheese, at room temperature
100g dark chocolate, optional

Preheat oven to 180C (350F). Place choc ripple biscuits smooth side up on a tartlet tin or small cup cake tray. Bake for 3-5 minutes or until the cookies are soft. Carefully push the centres down to form little tartlet shells. Allow to cool in the tin.

Meanwhile, whizz Tim Tams in a food processor until they form a mousse. Whizz through the cheese until well combined. Divide filling between tartlet shells.

If you’re feeling creative. Melt the chocolate using your preferred method and place in a fine piping bag. Decorate the cheesecakes and refrigerate until ready to serve (see note above).


Pick up a copy of my new cookbook ‘and the love is free’ by clicking HERE.

The perfect gift for beginner cooks looking to master the basics.
A lovely way to celebrate the mums who bring so much joy to our lives.

available exclusively through stonesoup

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    • hi ‘neen
      a glass of red and a book sounds perfect.
      can ship anywhere in the world, just choose the europe option on the online bookstore

  • Cheers to you Clance – you clever cookie! Good luck with the launch. Many, many blessings xxx
    P.S I would like my copy inscribed with something suitably sentimental, please.

  • Congratulations Jules, the book looks just gorgeous. And what an exciting series of launch events you have planned. Well done.

  • thanks daniel.
    I think I’m going to need all the luck I can get.

    thanks reemski

    of course yours will have a special inscription

    thanks kathryn
    I’m pretty excited about it all – and a little bit nervous too

  • Congratulations, Jules! What a wonderful way to celebrate someone so dear. I can’t wait to read and cook from mine.

  • those cookie things…i’m drooling..
    unfortunately i love about an ocean away from Tim Tam’s cookies melt? I have a strange premonition that if i put any kind of cookies in a microwave, they
    ‘ll just burn..

  • thanks helen
    yeah my mum was a bit of a dessert queen so there are some real treats in there.

    thanks tea
    you’re right – it’s all about the celebration

    any chocolate coated cookie should do the trick if you don’t have access to tim tams. and you don’t need to worry about them burning. they just go soft at first so you can mould them into shape although I guess like anything they’ll burn if you cook them for too long. trust me it really works

  • Made the little cheesecakes last night Clance – they were an absolute winner, everyone wanted the recipe!

  • You are so talented and I have been a huge fan of your wonderful creations so… I hope I’ll still be in the first 100 for the signed copy!! Definitely purchasing mine! :)
    Oh and totally kicking myself for not being able to go to your Sydney book launch, but I will definitely pass by Kampai during Good Food & Wine show and pick up my book copy. Will you be there on the 5th July (Sunday)? :) Should I purchase mine on the day when I see you?

  • hi trisha
    thanks so much for your lovely comment and your support.
    would love to meet you so definitely please drop by the Kampai stand to pick up your copy. look forward to seeing you there!

  • Hey Jules,

    Congrats on the book launch, Jack and i had a great time and we are so proud of my newly-published Big Sis! The samples were lovely and we hope the book goes as well as your site does!
    Ps am loving the look of these cheesecakes- will have to get Craig to bring home the ingredients so we can give them a go!

  • I look forward to working my way through the book and surprising my mum with a few of these dishes when she visits me. The book is a warm and moving tribute to your mother.
    You must feel very proud. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • You book looks brilliant – any chance you’ll ship to the UK? I love your site and the e-mail updates, they are fantastic.

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