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reclaim your waistline

Wow. Talk about a tough gig!

With over 90 comment entries and just as many emails, judging has been super difficult. But we’re done and the winners have been emailed. Unfortunately I haven’t allowed enough time to get permission from the winners to publish their names so will get to that next week.

A big THANKYOU to everyone who took the time to enter. There were so many worthy stories. I really appreciate your response.

And now for the special offer!

Anyone who signs up for the Reclaim Your Waistline class (including new Soupstones members) anytime between now and midnight Thursday 17th Feb will also get a bonus free ebook copy of Gary Taubes’ inspirational book Why We Get Fat.

CLICK HERE to sign up and Reclaim Your Waistline!

Looking forward to seeing you in class.
Jules x


  • Dear Jules,

    thanks a lot, that really is a cool present :-)!

    Cheers to you and most of all good luck and fun with running the class.

    Many greetings from Berlin, Germany.


  • hi Jules, really looking forward to the class (I’m wondering if I can log into the wifi at my son’s basketball tournament and start reading in between games!) – and really looking forward to seeing less of my booty come the summer months!

    take care, Carrie.

  • Will be joining the festivities from another country, travelling this weekend. Looking forward to the class! Thanks again.


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