7 deadly no bake desserts
+ toblerone ice cream cake

toblerone ice cream cake-3

I’ve always loved having people over for dinner.

And now I live in the country, it’s even more exciting because visitors tend to be coming from further away and staying overnight. Or even for the weekend!

This weekend we were very lucky to have a crew of Irish (and 1 South African!) over for a weekend of snowboarding, skiing, eating & drinking.

So when I was planning what to cook, I made sure I wasn’t going to be slaving away in the kitchen the whole time.

My first port of call for make ahead desserts are usually things that can be quickly pulled together and then left in the fridge or freezer for either hours or days before serving.

So today I thought I’d share my favourite Stonesoup no bake desserts for next time you’re looking for something quick to prepare ahead.

7 deadly no bake desserts

1. creamy lemon ice cream
My first really successful ice cream made without an ice cream machine. So good it inspired me to get rid of my bulky ice cream maker. If you’re interested in learning how you can make really lovely ice cream without a machine, this class at the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School is just the thing.

2. lemon posset
With just three ingredients: cream, sugar and lemon juice, there’s something magical in the way they come together to form an almost-panna cotta like dessert. The first time I made it I was convinced that it wouldn’t set without something else like gelatine. Happily, I was wrong.

3. little baileys cheese cakes
While I love a baked cheesecake more than most people, these little cheesecakes made with ricotta and cream cheese are so much easier to make. They hold their own in the deliciousness department too.

4. fresh dates with blue cheese
These only take seconds to prepare, so it’s up to you whether you make them in advance or as needed. The other alternative is to plonk the dates and a wheel of cheese in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves.

5. super simple chocolate mousse
Melt chocolate. Whip cream and sweeten it a little. Mix it all together and spoon into pretty glasses. What could be easier?

6. chocolate tim tam hedgehog
You’ve got to love a no-bake cake, especially one that’s made from the best chocolate biscuits in the world!

7. toblerone ice cream cake
This recipe is similar to an Italian semi-freddo. I’ve often been disappointed by icy semi-freddos though, so didn’t want to taint this luscious dessert with that name. Applying the techniques I invented for my Luscious Machine-Free Ice Cream class, this cake lives up to the ‘cream’ part of the name. I guarantee everyone will love this super creamy slice of ice cream heaven.

toblerone ice cream cake

toblerone ice cream cake
takes 15 mins + freezing
serves 8-10

While toblerone is absolutely delicious in this cake, don’t feel constrained to one type of chocolate. Pretty much all chocolate works well here, as would nougat, honey roasted nuts, cookie dough or your favourite chocolate biscuit or cookie.

I’ve used a loaf pan approximately 30cm x 10cm (11in x 4in). You’re looking for something that will hold at least 6 cups. If you’re using a round pan, about 20cm (8in) diameter would be about the same size.

Feel free to halve or quarter the recipe. It would be lovely in little individual cups.

3 eggs, separated
300g (10oz) icing (powdered) sugar
2 cups whipping cream
200g (7oz) toblerone, chopped + extra to serve

1. Line a loaf pan or other container with baking paper or foil.

2. Whisk egg whites with a pinch of salt until you have firm peaks. Add about 1/2 the icing sugar and whisk until the whites are glossy.

3. Mix yolks with a spoon in a large bowl and transfer the foamy whites to the bowl.

4. Place cream and remaining sugar in the bowl you used to whisk the whites and whisk until the cream forms soft peaks.

5. Add the cream and toblerone to the whites and yolks and gently fold everything until just combined.

6. Transfer gently to your lined container. Freeze for at least 8 hours.


video version of the recipe


Jules x


  • These look so good, I can’t wait to try the chocolate mousse. Have you ever tried making frozen banana ice cream? All you do is take a peeled frozen banana and put it in the blender for about a minute, and you have smooth, creamy, healthy ice cream. I swear, it almost beats real ice cream.

  • Becca B
    Yes I love banana ice cream – you’re right it’s almost as good as real ice cream

    Thanks for sharing the brownie recipe – I don’t have a microwave through… actually thinking about it… since the microwave is an ‘oven’ they’d have to count as baked wouldn’t you say?

  • Thanks for that post, Jules – I immediately had to race out and buy more cream so I could make myself some posset. Easy-peasy, smells yum, and I can’t wait for it to set.

    HOWEVER … serves 2 to 4? Your dinner guests must have tiny appetites! Serves 1 (Sigi) or 2 (regular people) max! ;-)

  • Wow Sigi!
    You don’t mess around…
    Glad to hear you’re already onto the lemon posset. Really you could eat the whole thing yourself? I’m impressed..

  • I was in such a rush to make the this last night that I neglected to read the instructions properly, firstly I missed the 8hrs freezing time, secondly I missed the fact that the whites and the eggs where to be mixed separately and then folded together.

    but I checked this morning and it seems to have worked – allbeit a little too sweet perhaps I’ll decrease the amount of sugar next time.

    Otherwise awesome :)

  • craig,
    glad to hear it’s worked out OK for you – should have mentioned that it would be fine to skip the egg whisking if you don’t mind a more dense cake.

  • It looks lovely, but the idea of eating raw egg ice cream is a little off-putting. I like the idea of using Toblerone in ice cream, though, as well as the presentation.

  • great sigi!
    glad you loved the posset

    thanks for raising the raw egg issue. if you’re worried about it you could just buy some commercial icecream – let it soften and stir chopped toblerone through it -pop it in a mold and refreeze.. the texture will be heavier than this cake but it wouldn’t be the end of the world ;)

  • Oh..my…goodness…how did you know toblerone was my favourite chocolate ever!? (with lindt and fererro rocher, it would be like choosing my favourite child) This looks absolutely wonderful jules! seriously wonderful. and what gorgeous photos too :) you have a lovely blog indeed!

  • Jules-
    You could recommend buying pasteurized eggs, then no worries about raw egg consumption.
    Great recipe and video, can’t wait to make this one!


  • Hi Jules,

    just put our (my brother and I) attempt at the Toblerone Icecream in the freezer and now impatiently waiting for it to set (it’s going to be a long 8hrs!). I used 2 slightly smaller loaf pans so hopefully they will set a bit faster? I also seemed to have so much left over that I filled up my non-stick silicone mini-muffin tray and will be excited to see if these mini-icecream cake portions work out! If so, it’s a neat little idea for individual portions for a dinner party…

    Whilst we’re waiting we’ve made the choc hazelnut Banana Bread too :)

    The video was really easy to understand, thanks!

  • Steve
    I haven’t come across pasteurised eggs in Australia.. but great idea – will keep an eye out

    Love the way your mind works

    Glad to hear you’ve been busy! Love the individual serves idea.

  • Hi Jules!

    Ever since my friends linked me to this post, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it! I finally was able to make it today, though I had to whisk everything by hand (a workout with dessert!). I just pulled it out and oh man, it tastes wonderful! Just a question, though: Is there a way to make it smell less eggy or did I do something wrong…?

    Even so, it tastes so great that I’m not sure if I want to share it with my housemates :D

    Thanks so much for this recipe! I’ll be combing through your other recipes~
    – JB

    • To reduce the eggy smell you could try whisking the egg yolks gently over a double boiler till creamy and add in the normal way.

  • JB!
    Glad to hear you’ve given yourself a kitchen workout ;)
    I hadn’t noticed an ‘eggy’ smell… so not sure what’s going on there. Could it be the type of eggs you used?

  • Hi Clancy – just to let you know your Toblerone Ice-Cream cake is new family favourite, we’ve already made it twice (and E & M addicted to it!)

  • I figure I burned off the calories that I was going to gain – well, some of them at least :P I’m not sure about the smell either, but I’ll definitely look into the pasteurized eggs that Steve had mentioned next time. Taste isn’t affected at all though! Even the housemates liked it :D

  • Thanks for sharing this recipe. I am definitly going to make it at Thanksgiving. I have been searching for a good make ahead dessert and this is it!!
    Again, Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Jules,
    I would love to try your toblerone ice-cream cake, we are going camping, and would love to have it for Christmas day, how long beforehand can i make it, and for how long can i keep it in the deepfridge?

  • Hi Priscilla
    It is best when freshly made (a week or so). It will keep fine for longer ( a few months) but the texture will gradually start to go more icy the longer you leave it.
    Have fun camping!

  • Hi Jules!

    Happy New Year!
    I’ve made the Toblerone Icecream Cake for Christmas, and it was indeed a crowdpleaser! http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lx9q5aJuOp1qgaptoo1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1325757396&Signature=ZIhog7iKPIJcrfSmaQTcKmBAfQw%3D
    I have one question though… is there a way to make this icecream without the raw egg? Or is there a good alternative? And if you do use the eggs, can you really keep it for a few months in the fridge?? Is that safe?

    Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes!

  • Happy New Year Rowena

    So glad you enjoyed it. Yes if your eggs were safe to begin with it will definitely keep in the freezer but it will go icy over time.

    Good question on the raw eggs… the only option is to use pasturised eggs.. although I’m not sure where you can get them…

    Need to do some research on how to pasteurise eggs at home.. will add it to my list of potential posts… thanks for the idea

  • Hi Jules

    I made this lovely ice cream and it tastes fantastic however mine did not set well enough for me to turn it over and out onto a plate. I did the recipe exactly and I had your video on so I could do it with as to not miss anything. I left ours for 12 hours as it was over night. Do you have any advice as I would like to make it for a special dinner but afraid it won’t set as I do not want to serve it in my bread loaf tin. :-)

  • Hi Deborah
    So sorry you had problems with the icecream cake!
    If it isn’t setting .. it probably means your freezer isn’t super cold… unfortunately not all freezers are created equally…

    To get it to set in a freezer that isn’t as cold, you could reduce the amount of sugar.. try 200g (7oz)… if it ends up being too icy then you can add a little more sugar next time.

    Let me know how you get on

  • Hi Jules,
    I absolutely love your recipes.I used be horrible at making desserts but now I am pretty good at it and i am thankful to u for that.I tried your Toblerone ice cream cake and it was delicious.Thank you once again.

  • Ur recipe sounds yummm… But one question is really troubling me .. That is, won’t using raw egg yolk give a eggish flavor to the icecream ?? Or should the yolk also be beaten to a creamy consistency before mixing it with the egg white?? Please help dying to try out this recipe..

    • Hi Aliza
      The yolks add richness and a custardy background flavour… I wouldn’t call it eggy though
      Good idea to whisk the yolks first

  • This looks delicious. I have been looking for a no bake cake recipe. I already have tried the steamed ones. Now, I would like to try this. Thanks for sharing..

  • Hi,

    I’ve been looking the recipe for a Toblerone cake I ate long time ago. I came across your blog. I will definitely try your recipe and will let you know how it comes out. Thanks!

  • jules

    I love the toblerone cake you did and im sure that my siblings will love it too!! thanks a lot for your blog…

  • Hi Jules!

    I tried your ice cream recipe and it was amazing! So smooth. It was the first dessert I made after I got married. My husband loved it. I recently got pregnant and I’m wondering if it’s okay to eat this ice cream because it has raw eggs. We don’t get pasteurized eggs where I live. Is there an alternative to raw eggs or should I let my husband eat all of it alone? (:

    • Hi Palwascha
      Congratulations on your new family!
      I’m afraid you’re right… the raw egg makes it a no-go for pregnant ladies

  • While this is delicious as is, try swapping out the Toblerone for Oreos, and adding mint extract to the whipping cream… It tastes just like a DQ mint Oreo blizzard.

  • Thank you, Jules, for the super Toblerone ice cream recipe. It was the first time I’ve made ice cream and it was a Christmas Day hit in 30+ temperatures. I think it would also be great with marshmallows or various berries … something to try next time! :)

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