Could you quit sugar?

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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] L[/dropcap]ast October I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Problogger Event in Melbourne. As expected I got to meet loads of great people who happen to be bloggers. I also got to hear Chris Guillebeau, one of my favourite blogging inspirations speak. But the surprise highlight for me was the keynote talk by fellow food blogger Sarah Wilson.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to actually meet Sarah at the event but as soon as I got home I picked up copies of both her ebooks. I loved Sarah’s story and her approach to healthy eating, which while being focused on cutting out sugar, is also quite similar to mine.

So I connected with her via a mutual friend over email. One thing led to another and she agreed to record a quick chat for you. And here it is!

Listen to the audio interview and you’ll discover…

:: Why Sarah finally decided to ‘quit’ sugar.

:: How she got her new habit to stick.

:: The particular sugar that is the ‘real enemy’ and why it’s a good idea to avoid it.

:: Why the whole ‘low fat’ health message is flawed and how eating fat can actually help your waistline.

:: The easiest way for YOU to get started…

Click here to download the mp3 and listen on your ipod (you may need to ‘right click’ and ‘save link as’).


Like to learn more about quitting sugar?

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of one or both of Sarah’s eBooks.

IQS cover
Learn more about the 8 Week Program.

Learn more about the eCookbook.

Note: These are affiliate links so if you do end up buying, you’ll be supporting Stonesoup too!

chocolate avocado mousse

Sarah’s Chocolate & Avocado Mousse

Takes about 5 minutes + chilling time
From the I Quit Sugar Cookbook by Sarah Wilson

As much as I adore avocado, it hadn’t ever occurred to me to use it in a sweet treat. Actually, truth be told it took me a while to get my head around this one.

But really all it took was giving it a try. Once it’s made you’d never guess there was avocado involved.

Sarah uses raw cocoa powder for her mousse but I prefer to use a good quality ‘dutch process’ (also called ‘alkalised’) cocoa powder because I find they tend to have better flavour and colour. Either way the flavour of your mousse is really depending on your cocoa powder so it’s worthwhile seeking out a good quality one.

Enough for 2:
1 ripe avocado
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut cream, chilled
3-4 tablespoons cocoa powder (see note above)
1 tablespoon chia seeds, optional
1-2 teaspoons liquid stevia

1. Halve avocado and scoop flesh into a food processor.

2. Add coconut cream, cocoa powder, chia seeds if using and stevia.

3. Whizz for a minute or until smooth.

4. Taste and adjust the flavour with extra cocoa powder and/or stevia if needed.

5. Divide between 2 pretty glasses or tea cups and chill until ready to serve.

no food processor? – just use a blender or mash everything together with a fork.

smooth texture – leave out the chia seeds.

no stevia? – sweeten to taste with your favourite sweetener instead. If you’re using sugar, best to use icing or powdered sugar so your texture stays smooth.

granular stevia? – whizz in a spice grinder first so it’s powdered and doesn’t leave your mousse with a gritty texture.

dairy-lovers – replace coconut cream with double cream or whipping cream.

Video version of the recipe.

5-Ingredients, 10-Minutes Print Version

In case you missed it last week, my new print book is now available to PRE-ORDER from and (my favourite book supplier because they have FREE shipping anywhere in the world!).

With love,
Jules x

ps. Do you like audio interviews? Love to hear whether you enjoy them or not in the comments.


  • Gday LOVE the chocolate and avocado mousse, TRUE!
    Now I can have my mousse and enjoy it too!
    I think quitting sugar is definitely a mind set, at least initially it was for me,
    Now, there is nothing I can’t make and love making a sugarless recipe!
    have recently made sugarless jam on my blog, was SO easy to do!
    I choose health over sugar and it works too!
    I like using Xylitol as has same taste, texture, TRUE!
    Use it in cooking and baking, recently made English Muffin bread with too! :)

  • Its about time you both hooked up. I saw Sarah’s post this morning on her blog about you and am excited to see yours this afternoon. I have been following you both for quite a while! I have both of Sarah’s ebooks and really love your work too! Can’t wait to get your book and Sarah’s new book too!
    You are both Fantastic and Fabulous..!

  • A really interesting interview! It seems to drop out at about 11.22 for me though. Same thing on the mp3. Would love to listen to the rest of it, if possible. Regardless, I’ll be making the chocolate and avocado mousse tonight!

    Thanks for doing the interview. :-)

  • Fantastic! Clear, inspiring and yes I really like the audio!
    Thank you! Now to try Quitting sugar again!…
    Or at least reducing intake by a lot!!

  • yes it dropped out for me too at about 11mins 22secs which is a shame, like the mousse recipe so will give it a go…

  • Hi Jules,

    Many thanks – you must read my mind. So often you exactly write on topics that I am contemplating about. I reduced artificial quiet a bit in the last year but I am still consuming what Sarah also called the “good sugar” in very high quantities. So I am glad to have a practical approach like this. I checked out the books and actually purchased both and not only is the content really good but the design is beautiful too. The only thing I wanted to mention is that after I purchased the books with the links you had provided so that you would benefit from this as well, I realised that there is a bundle offer of the two on Sarah’s website with a £5 reduction or so. Maybe for other stonesoupers it might be a good idea to ask Sarah for a link to the bundle offer?

    Let me thank you again Jules. You were one of the main influential sources for personal change for me in 2012 and my feeling is this will continue in 2013. I am very grateful for this and wanted to leave you an EXTRA BIG THANK YOU HERE :-).

    Best wishes from London/Rotterdam,

  • I love this, Jules! I’ve made avocado pudding before but the addition of stevia (instead of agave) and coconut cream seem to really add more flavor and texture. Just lovely.

  • Hi Jules, would love to hear the rest of this interview, very interesting! Both dropped out for me at 11:22 also.

  • Hi Jules,
    Just thought I would share the Chocolate Mousse recipe I have been making for the past few years.
    1 large avocado
    1-2 bananas (I use frozen)
    1/4 cup maple syrup
    1/4 cup raw cacao
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    Blend and chill. Delicious

  • Everybody does not use Ipods. Some of us use Android. Have you ever heard of Android? Then publish some of your material there.

  • Hi Jules or anyone who may know,
    I made the mousse the other night but something wasn’t quite right… Is the liquid stevia concentrated? On my bottle, 3-4 drops is equal to 1tsp of sugar.


  • P.S. Hi Everick, the interview wouldn’t play on my iPhone either. I used my laptop. Good luck.

  • Mmm thank you for another way to eat avocado. I love it as ice-cream. In Brazil avocados aren’t eaten as a savoury foodstuff but as a sweet foodstuff.

  • Great interview….played it on my problems! It’s nice to hear the enthusiasm! All my dieting life I was told that sugar is just empty calories…NOW I can eat more healthily, lose some weight by cutting back/out sugar and refined carbs….will let you know how I get on! Thanks soooo much for this! When our advacados are cheaper…guess what I am going to try!

  • I make my Chocolate Mousse with 70% cocoa dark chocolate, eggs and cream. As I eat absolutely everything, I don’t avoid using dairy or eggs. Other than special dietary choices/intolerances/allergies, what are the health benefits of this recipe? I will certainly give it a go, just wondering if it is a healthier option.

    Keep up the excellent work, Jules! Your recipes have been an inspiration in our home. In fact, on a recent camping trip in the Victorian alpine regions, all our meals were inspired by your recipes. Your Black Pepper and Chickpea Curry was thoroughly enjoyed sitting beside King River. I have referred several friends and family members to your site. Most inspiring!

  • So glad I found your website Jules! I love it. Your recipes are delicious and super easy to make. Hallelujah!
    I’m also a big fan of Sarah Wilson (and Chris Guillebeau – did you attend WDS?) – and have gone sans sugar many times. Currently I’m not eating sugar and I feel SO good. Mentally clear (no brain fog), happier and just healthier overall.
    It is absolutely a mindset and one that for any sugar addicts out there will be difficult to break at first. But once you’re on the otherside of it, life is truly sweeter (pun intended). :)

  • Awesome to see you two get together, you are two of my favourites!

    Loved the avo mousse. I’m glad you spurred me on to try it.

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