25 Healthy One Pot Meals

lamb shanks with prunes

Last year I took an online business course. One of the things I found super valuable was that we were encouraged to buy a book called ‘Strengths Finder‘ and take a test to discover what our strengths were.

Anyway one of my key strengths is that I’m a ‘futurist’. Which basically means I’m always thinking about the future.

Which wasn’t a huge surprise to me. I’ve been ‘dreaming’ of owning a little farm with a not so little veggie patch for years now. And I’m often thinking of my next meal while I’m enjoying the current one.

It was only natural that I started thinking about the concept for my next book well before the ink was dried on my contract with Penguin for ‘5 Ingredients 10 Minutes‘. As you can imagine there are loads of ideas floating around in my brain. But one of my favourites is ‘5 Ingredients 1 Pot’.

So I was super excited when I got the following question from a ‘Coffee Kittie’, a Stonesoup email subscriber…

“I have a tiny kitchen (as in, no stovetop, and only a crockpot and mini-oven to cook with). Do you have recipes that are “one-pot” meals? I like to eat my foods all together for the most part to cut down on space and wash-up needs. I (a-hem) also have a tiny sink…”

So today I thought I’d share some of my favourite ‘one pot’ meals that have already appeared on Stonesoup.

25 Healthy One Pot Meals

You may think of ‘one pot’ meals as things that take a long time to cook. But it isn’t really the case. So I’ve divided the list into ’15 minutes or less’ and longer cooking meals.

15 Minutes or less

spiced beef with hummus-4

1. Spiced Beef with Hummus

pea & pesto soup-2

2. Pea & Pesto Soup

cumulus spiced eggs

3. Cumulus Spiced Eggs

bok choy & mustard salad-2

4. Bok Choy & Mustard Salad

chorizo with kale-2

5. Chorizo with Kale

green pea curry-3

6. Green Pea Curry

shaved veg salads-8

7. Shaved Snow Pea & Ham Salad

simple minestrone

8. Simple Minestrone Soup

ground beef with kale-3

9. Ground Beef with Kale

sausages with lentils-2

10. Quick Sausages & Lentils

chickpea feta & pinenut salad

11. Chickpea & Feta Salad

butterbeans with bacon & cabanossi-4

12. Butter Beans with Bacon & Cabanossi

w1 coconut rice & greens-2

13. Rice & Greens

tuna pesto pasta

14. Tuna Pesto Pasta

15 Minutes +

fish stew-4

15. Simple Fish Stew

magic sausage supper

16. The ‘Magic’ Sausage Supper

chicken & peppers

17. Chicken with Peppers

mushroom soup-4

18. Anti-Cancer Mushroom Soup

coconut chicken & greens-4

19. Coconut Chicken with Greens

sweet potato & red curry soup-2

20. Sweet Potato & Red Curry Soup

lentils with ricotta (parisian lentils)

21. Parisian Lentils

black pepper curry-2

22. Black Pepper & Chickpea Curry

cauli cashew mash-4

23. Cashew & Cauliflower Mash

mushies with sausages-4

24. Sausages with Mushies, 2 ways

lamb shanks with prunes-3

25. Lamb Shanks with Prunes

SEE the recipe below…


lamb shanks with prunes

Lamb Shanks with Prunes

Lamb shanks are one of my all time favourite cuts of meat. One of the things I really miss since my Dad sold the farm is having access to home grown grass-fed lamb and home grown lamb shanks in particular. We used to joke that it was a shame sheep only had 4 legs!

If lamb isn’t your thing, see below for alternatives.

I like to keep things simple and just serve this on a bed of baby spinach leaves. But you could serve with mash, steamed rice or buttered pasta or add in a can of chickpeas if you prefer.

Enough for 4.
4 lamb shanks
4 red onions, quartered lengthwise
200g (7oz) pitted prunes
1 can tomatoes (400g / 14oz)
1 stick cinnamon, optional

1. Preheat your oven to 150C (300F).

2. Place lamb, onions, prunes, tomatoes and cinnamon, if using in a large casserole or cast iron pot. Cover with a can full of water (or 1 1/2 cups).

3. Cover with the lid or some foil and bake for 4-5 hours or until lamb is super tender.

4. Taste and season.

WINE MATCH: A big gutsy red like a Barossa Shiraz.

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slow cooker – reduce water to 1/2 cup. Cook on auto for 10-11 hours or until lamb is tender.

vegetarian / vegan – I love large mushrooms slow cooked like this. Replace lamb with 4-8 large field or portabello mushrooms. Halve the water and cooking time.

different meat – anything that works well slow cooked such as osso buco, chicken drumsticks or marylands, beef short ribs, pork neck, lamb neck chops, pork spare ribs, duck legs. You’ll need to adjust the cooking times.

different fruit – I love prunes here. They’re not exactly the most glamorous fruit but they cook down into the sauce to give a hint of sweet richness without overpowering. And then there’s all that fiber. But you could use dried apricots or dried apples instead if you prefer.

fruit-free – replace prunes with baby carrots or parsnips.

Video Version of the recipe.

Prepare Ahead?

Absolutely! In fact this is the type of dish that actually tastes better after a day or two in the fridge when the flavours have had a chance to mingle. Will keep for 1-2 weeks in the fridge or frozen for months.

With love,
Jules x

5 ingredients 10 minutes cover image

PS. Do you have a copy of ‘5 Ingredients 10 Minutes‘ yet?

No? Then what are you waiting for?

It’s inspired even my not-so-into-cooking brother to get into the kitchen!

For more details about my latest print book including some FREE sample recipes from the book go to:


  • Yes, I’m totally into the 5 ingredients/one pot idea! One pan too.

    Question: Could you do the lamb shanks recipe with a whole chicken? For people who need to buy their chickens whole for some reason but are freaked out about quartering them raw?

    (Here I can get a “step 5” animal welfare rating whole chicken but only “step 2” in chicken pieces.)

    • Yes Carol!
      You could use either a whole chicken or pieces. The pieces will be the quickest to cook of course.

  • I love that book too and am futuristic as well. I wish every business and manager in the world read Strengths Finder 2.0 as it would be so amazing if we all worked with each others strengths and not weaknesses.

    • I agree Anna!
      The whole concept of focusing on strengths is really powerful… I love the idea of using it in schools as well as business.

    • Great suggestion Christina.
      Reminds me to make sure I include a paleo option in my Variations for each recipe :)

  • Love the ‘one pot’ idea! With a busy toddler and a husband with an erratic schedule, I’m always looking for ways to simplify dinner, so this would be perfect for me. Plus anything that minimises the washing up gets my vote :)

  • Ohhh, I love that book idea! The majority of my cooking happens in one pot, and those are always the recipes I gravitate towards.

  • LOVE the one pot book idea, Jul! So much easier to put everything in and just leave it to cook when you have a toddler and another on the way. Can you have it ready for me for August? ;-) Love you xoxo

  • It’s a yes from me Jules:)….happily living alone… the quick one pot idea appeals to my simplistic life-style. Especially in winter months having a slow cooker meal at the ready certainly hits the all the right chords with me:)… ( I have your 5 Ingredients in10 minutes booke…love it!)..
    Cheers Di

  • Jules:
    First of all, congratulations on the birth of Fergal, that ‘s a good strong name for someone who sounds like he will be a powerful young man judging by his birth size! I’m sure he will be well fed as he grows, and it would be great if you could post some baby food recipes or maybe start compiling a new book, as it would be of interest both for new parents, and also new grandparents like me.
    Your one-pot recipes sound amazing, looking forward to trying them out. I have a lamb shank sitting in the fridge calling my name…
    All the best,

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