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new icons2[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] E[/dropcap]arlier in the year, we had a family trip to Sydney. Since we were staying with friends, we offered to cook dinner.

Our hosts agreed and being the generous souls they are, they insisted on buying all the ingredients for us.

I was cooking a Thai-inpsired meal, so there were lots of fresh herbs on the shopping list.

When I opened the fridge at my friends house, though I found the herbs sitting uncovered, looking very wilted and sorry. Very disappointing!

Now I’m not telling you this to be ‘nit-picky’ or to put down my fabulous friends. I was really grateful for their hospitality.

I just wanted to share this story to help you avoid such needless waste…

The air inside a refrigerator is super dry so if fresh food is left uncovered, it doesn’t take long for it to wilt.

The good news is, by taking a few seconds to pop the herbs in a plastic bag, the wilting herb fiasco could have easily been avoided.

It’s small things like this that can make a huge difference to your food waste over the weeks and months.

That’s why I include an ingredient storage ‘best practices’ page with every Soupstones meal plan. So you know exactly the best way to store your ingredients and avoid wilting and waste.

Speaking of Soupstones, one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘How do Soupstones Meal Plans work?’

So I’ve created a super short ‘sneak peek’ video tour of the Meal Planning service…

Before we start the tour, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to comment and enter the competition to win one of 5 free lifetime memberships to Soupstones Meal Plans.

There were 355 entries which was a little overwhelming!

And tough to judge, so I’ve ended up choosing 10 winners. Yay!

The lucky winners winners are:
Kate M.
Emily Upton
Diana D.
Marina D.
Usa Klein
Tessa F.
Erika J.

Congratulations to the winners!

You should have an email with details on how to claim your prize. If you haven’t received it please contact me [jules@thestonesoup.com].

How it works…

Click below to watch the ‘sneak peek’ video tour.

Wondering if Meal Plans will work for you?

Here’s what Edith, Stephanie and Alexandra have had to say about their experience with Soupstones meal plans…

Edith, Soupstones Member.

“My first impression was to be pleasantly surprised on how short my shopping list for 3 recipes. Then I was also pleasantly surprised on how quickly I made my first dish! And it’s so easy, so tasty and so healthy! Love it! I also love the pantry recipes, because I never know if I’m going to eat home or out! Since I started I noticed from my jeans that I lost weight without thinking about it, I am also saving money because I buy less ingredients than normal. I like your recipes because they rarely include carbs and it’s teaching me a new way to cook and eat.”

Stephanie, Soupstones Member.

“The meal plans are simple, easy to prepare, tasty and healthy. I love that it comes in a simple PDF format with a shopping list already broken down. You’ve made it SO simple to actually cook meals 5 nights a week – it’s wonderful!”

Alexandra, Soupstones Member.

“I’m very happy with the time saving one-stop-list, with the ideas, the recipes and the shopping list all done for me.”

Sound good?

If you think that you could benefit from having your meal planning ‘done for you’, I would love you to join me for Soupstones.

Basically It’s a weekly meal planning service that takes the headaches out of deciding what to cook every night.

It consists of:
1. Flexible meal plans to help you get healthy dinners on the table without hassle.
2. ‘Adjustable’ shopping lists
3. Recipes for 5 healthy easy weeknight dinners each week.

It gives you pretty much everything you need to ‘eat well and be well’ even when you’re tired after a long day at the office.

For more details go to:

With love,
Jules x
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