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  • I struggle with just being able to look in my fridge and pantry and being able to throw something together with what I’ve got available – I tend to be a recipe follower!

    Because I track my calorie intake and macros, I tend to have all my food planned out for the week, which doesn’t leave much room for flexibility. Although this will be relaxed a LOT now as I’m no longer training as a bikini athlete for a show!

  • Just thinking that this sort of program is what my Mum used to follow e.g. making things from what she had in the pantry. I am improving in that area but always worried about leaving meat off for a tall thin husband. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks

  • Love the concept of minimalism in cooking. I have too many ingredients that end up past use by as I embark on cooking projects. I love to market and would like to learn your “Adapting” looking forward to the journey with you.

  • I’ve just signed up for a local “no bread no sugar for 21 days” challenge, with the emphasis on eating real, unrefined food. So far, so good! But with two teenagers, one in her final school year, and both requiring lots of mom’s taxi and emotional input, by the time we get to dinner time the wheels really do wobble alarmingly. I need all the help I can get!

  • when I am alone I struggle with buying enough food to last me a week without breaking my back, minimising waste and having cravings for things I don’t have at home right now while having a lot that I eould have to throw away if I don’t eat it.
    Right now I am with my family so the biggest challenge is cooking things that everyone would like to eat, since they are picky and have very different tastes.

  • It’s really amazing if you think of it how much we can save on time, energy,costs, thinking ..with extra bonus tasty meals…..such a great combination, can’t wait for the next videos

  • I have a new addition in the family plus older children and a husband who is trying to eat healthily for heart health. Just trying to marry the dietary needs of growing older children with the needs of the hubs and a bubs is doing my head in. I would like to make one meal at mealtimes which everyone can eat rather than separate meals which end up costing the world.

  • I am a recipe cook and only started cooking when I married at age 50. I would love to cook from my pantry and look forward with enthusiasm to your programme. I am also a diet failure and would love to cook and eat healthy.

  • I struggle most with consistency. Love simple, delicious meals, but sometimes, feel frustrated that being tired or having an unusual schedule can throw me off track so easily.

  • I am a producer for a local Country Market and any goods baked and not sold come home – we are not allowed to freeze and bring back for sale the following week (although we do freeze it for ourselves, of course)- I struggle with all that carb temptation!

  • I love ur ideas. I love cooking & I love eating. I’d love to get my 3yr old daughter to eat healthy foods, but so far the healthiest thing I can get into her is home made soup. Now she getting bored of that. I’d like to get my mom on a healthy eating plan aswell, seeing as she’s a diabetic, is 4ft something & weighs over 100kgs

  • I’m definitely in the camp that see’s recipes as a rough guideline. I find that cooking is my one creative outlet so will often get carried away when I see a new recipe.

    One thing that really hinders my capacity to eat healthy in the evenings is the ‘mis en place’. Oh for someone to do all the chopping and prep so that I can just throw everything together when I get home!

    I love automating eating decisions, particularly for breakfast (overnight oats) and Lunch (I make extra at dinner and take left overs). I do however have a sweet tooth when I’m tired and my energy levels wain, which is generally if I had dinner later and on afternoons in the office when I haven’t gotten out for some sunlight.

    I love the meal plan recipes because I can encourage my husband to attempt a recipe if I know I’m going to be home late :)

  • My husband and I have just sold our home and instead of renting an apartment until our new home is built ,we decided to travel the country in a Motorhome. It is a small Motorhome ,so we really have to shop carefully,with little room for leftovers and storage of fresh food. I have just started using your recipes and found that they are interesting and very tasty. I am looking forward to using the tips that you have been sharing. Thank you for helping us to eat interestingly and healthily
    cheers Pam

  • Nice to meet you Clancy! I’ve always been pretty much a recipe for inspiration person, not afraid to add personal touches. Food has not always been healthy until the past couple years since retiring. I enjoy working with fresh vegetables and am lucky to live in an area where lots are available year round. My main problem is creating healthy dishes that my husband will enjoy…while I can be happy with a plate of roasted veggies, he is still the meat & potato man I married 35 years ago LOL. I look forward to more tips from you! Thanks.

  • Due to my health issues I need a diet that is low (bad) carbs, high in fiber, protein, calcium and anti-inflammatory (whew!). It has been more than a little hard to figure out how to do this combination due to recipes that are long on ingredients, prep time, etc. I live alone and work so I don’t have a lot of time and energy and I get tired of the SAME salad for lunch everyday plus it doesn’t hold me until supper. I can already see how your recipes and methods can help me combine all the things I need with much less waste as well! I love the ingredient swaps!

  • I have been so inspired by your recipes over the past couple of years. They have given me confidence to try new combinations, to reduce my dependence on breads and pasta, and to cook with what I have on hand. The past few months, as my family prepared for an international move and then moved, we have been in survival mode and relied way too much on mac and cheese, sandwiches and pizza. I am tired of that fare and anxious to add more veggies and other healthy recipes back into our lives. Yesterday, I created a lovely stir fry with green beans, carrots, mushrooms, onions and edamame bean pasta and it felt so good! Here’s to making healthy, fun, and simple food!

  • I recently started to pursue doTerra essential oils as a way to be more mindful of mine & my husband’s health habits on a daily basis & since then have really started noticing how poorly we eat! Yikes! I love that Stonesoup is available & am embarrassed to admit that I have yet to try a recipe.

    My biggest issue is certainly time. I work a fill-time job as a domestic violence advocate then volunteer a good bit of my time as a mental health counselor – which has left me drained mentally, emotionally, & physically these last several months…which in turn leads to exactly what Jules was talking about it the beginning of this video – eating whatever’s easiest…lots of frozen & microwave based foods. Not the best.

    I would love to learn the Healthy Meals Method to not only improve mine & my husband’s eating habits & therefore energy levels – but also to improve the lives of those we come in contact with on a daily basis as we work to serve our clients. (He’s currently a cable installer but is trained law enforcement & is looking for jobs in the field.) The Healthy Meals Method would be an incredible benefit not only to us but to many, many others! I already recommend Stonesoup to my clients who struggle with healthy eating – thank you Jules for the wonderful work you do!

  • I love this time of year when here in MN we have lots of farmer markets and fresh herbs from my garden. I struggle in the winter months with not so much fresh stuff. I have been recently unemployed so would also like ideas on how to cook on the cheep! Thanks

  • I am just diving into the next stage of life – retirement. That means limited income and more time to cook and savor excellent nourishment. I finally have time to learn to expand my cooking skills and learning how to shop effectively and use food wisely to make delicious meals – what could be better?!

  • Like Louis Cochrane, I too am a recipe follower. I have a hard time going through my pantry/fridge and just WHIP something up without the help of my trusty cookbooks. Your healthy videos have come at the perfect time for me! I recently lost 19lbs just by changing some of my eating habits. I replaced sodas with water or flavored water(crystal light peach-mango, my favorite!) swapped out my cake and cookies (where I would eat 8 not just 2 or 3) with kiwis, bananas, and nuts and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a nice big glass of Non-fat milk. I’ve since, adopted a workout program to help knock off the last 10/15lbs I have left to lose. I’m also excited about cooking more healthfully. That’s where your videos and recipes come in!

  • I’m the worst cook ever – I can’t follow the simplest of recipes or end up ruining meals somehow. As a result, my husband and I get stuck in a rut of eating and only make 2-3 dishes we know turn out okay, or end up eating out. I’d like to expand our repertoire and improve our nutrition yet keep meals as simple as possible. Your recipes look like those even I (the worst “cook” in the world) can handle!

  • I am a single woman with Stills Disease. It is a type of rheumatoid arthritis that causes major pain, fatigue, disability and I am unable to work. Because of this, I have very little money to spend on healthy food and any waste of this food is even more detrimental. Ideally, I would cook and eat a whole food based diet full of greens and protein with anti-inflammatory, alkaline foods. My barriers to beginning this eating plan is strong fatigue, cooking for one, food waste, major cooking skills and a small food budget. Your food plan seems to break down all the barriers working against me. It would be such a great new start to use your meal plans to have less fatigue and pain by getting better foods in my body, to gain a new skill that would benefit my life going forward and maybe even to lose the 30lbs. extra gained from steroids. I believe my life could improve immensely beginning with healthy food and your meal planning program. I’m excited to learn as much as possible through your videos and blog. I appreciate your helpful information. Thanks!

    It would be such an exciting start to a

  • As the custodian of the kitchen, i need to form healthy habits and the willpower to help others. I want to be able to make the most of my pantry and fresh food to prepare meal fast, regardless if I am home at 5pm or 9pm. Less time at the supermarket and more time with my friends and family is the key. I despise waste and need to be adaptable, and want to be able to get out of the rut of “cruise control cooking”, but have some easy recipes on hand to whip up in a flash, or cook in bulk and reheat for easy nights dinner. My family are relying on me to make healthy choices for them, and I want to transform to a healthy person, and feel healthy, and we all know that starts with what you nourish your body with, but in these time poor days, how do we nourish ourselves and still maintain a healthy personal life without being shackled to the kitchen? I don’t want to resort to tinned goods on bread ever again. Help me Jules! Otherwise Ill have to try this stone soup idea… sounds easy…

  • I love your recipes and the simplicity of them, plus the adaptations you provide! But I have a few picky eaters who won’t eat them. This is a daily struggle for me as the head chef in my home.

    • Good day, I struggle with health issues. I have trubbles standing for more than a few minutes. Your recipes are amazing. Trying to prep for a few meals at a time can sometimes be frustrating. Somehow, I still end up with leftovers. Help!

  • I’ve been a recipe follower for all of the 50+ years I’ve been cooking. I am currently working on trying to let go of that. When I plan my menus I’ve started putting ‘open menu’ on a couple of days on my calendar each week, which means finding something that looks good and coming up with a way to use it. Or picking out an ingredient I’ve been wanting to use and figuring out how to do it. Since my local shopping options are pretty much limited to not great grocery stores, it does become more of a challenge to find inspiring produce, not to mention the fact that it is often difficult (if not impossible) to find some of the cuts of meat I want. Eating healthy foods is not really a problem for me. I’ve developed pretty good habits that way. But my emotions still kick in too frequently and get me to eat more than I should or some things that aren’t very healthy…

  • As a regular recipe follower, I struggle with enthusiasm for cooking! I find that I constantly have to be thinking about food, what at we having for the next meal. By the time I’ve done with one meal, cooked & done the dishes it’s just about time to be thinking again about the next. It is exhausting! I ask hubby for ideas & it’s too hard for him to think about, he’s just happy to get each meal put in front of him but he doesn’t realise what a real chore it is for me.
    I can see that better habits are what it is all about & I look forward to achieving this. This food drudgery is really dragging me down & I need to make this a thing of the past. It would be great to find some enthusiasm & happiness in the kitchen again!

  • Full time teacher with 3 year old twins. Husband who cooks on Sundays but not much more. Love to cook but hate to choose meals and no time midweek. Devoted recipe follower but want to break the constraints. I need help, please! Glad I found your site. Something sane amidst the insanity of recipe/meal planning/do it all sites. Thanks!

  • I have great intentions to simplify and minimize my kitchen and cooking style but do not know where to begin. I struggle to get inspired to cook varied and tasty food so I tend to stick with the old favorites that my family like. I follow recipes but substitute if required. I would like to be more enthusiastic about cooking and not feel like it is just another chore.

  • I love cooking for friends, but hate the daily grind. Time poor and carb addicted just about sums me up!

  • Without getting into a lot of the details, I find myself living on my own for the first time in 10+ years… getting back into the swing of shopping completely on my own is needing to knock some rust off the gears…

  • Wow, didn’t realize so many people in the same boat struggling to get good meals out to the family.
    Thank god Jules your available to assist.
    Looking forward to the next instalment.

  • I can’t put things together and I am a visual person. So things get lost in my fridge and when u find them I have a hard time pairing them.

  • I’d like to take out my pressure about what we have for dinner… I just need to feel confident about we have enough ingredients in the fridge/pantry.
    Thank you!!

  • oh jules….after following your blog and preparing your recipes it is such a treat for me to see what you look like and get a sense of your soul through these videos…thank you so much for sharing them.

    I yearn for healthy food that tastes better than steamed veggies over rice so i tend to buy beautiful produce with great intentions and then life takes over and i find myself tossing previously health-building veggies. So sad. To get a handle on this would save me from waste and the feelings associated with it as well as make my family’s meals so much healthier and tastier.
    I am a recipe follower, but that takes so much energy and time. I often find i purchase crazy, random ingredients like lotus pods or some such, for a specific recipe. Then if I don’t get around to making it in the next day or two….i totally forget what that ingredient was for and where the recipe is so my pantry fills up with unused goodies that i have no idea what to do with!
    Learning your Healthy Meal Method would totally transform my life and that of my family. It would be so awesome. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I tend to be a recipe follower, if I’m making something I don’t make regularly. I also follow the recipe on box mixes, like cake.
    If I’m cooking for myself I tend to be more adventurous and use what I have on hand, or what I like to eat. Lucky enough, my husband will eat almost anything, if it’s edible. We do make a lot of enchiladas, based on things we have. We have added kidney beans, white beans, soy beans, olives, carrots and Swiss chard all at different times. I’m a sale shopper so I don’t always have the exact ingredients for a recipe. My husband grows a garden, so whatever we have a lot of, we eat.

  • I consider myself a pretty savvy and accomplished healthy cook. I was surprised to learn about wrapping cheese in baking paper….great tip!! I have been putting paper towel in with my lettuce but not taking the air out so I’ll try that and see if it makes a difference especially since I’m harvesting from my garden and don’t want to waste a scrap of that hard earned harvest. Thank-you

  • It is hard to understand what you are saying because of the echo. Especially for those of us with hearing problems. Missing or misunderstanding is like only getting some of the ingredients. Self defeating. Please don’t waste the ingredients of your knowledge. Thanks.

  • I love to cook! It’s like therapy and a creative outlet for me. We eat organically and red meat and pork, save for bison, do not come into play.I cook once a week, for the week, because my husband works nights and I, days. All he has to do is reheat what I’ve made. It’s usually 4 things plus his crustless quiche for breakfast. Saturday nights are “big salad” and movie night and Sundays are a special creation. I do “mis en place” big time! Chop once before you begin and use for several recipes. My pantry is very well stocked and I can make anything that he or I may want, without much problem. One of the things that I do to save time is, buy 3- 4 bunches on green onions, chop them and put them in the freezer.I just have to grab what I need and it never has to get wasted! Keep the good ideas and suggestions coming, I love it ;-)

  • I’ve been turning to your website for inspiration for years now! I love the simplicity of your recipes and the suggestions you make for substitutions or just changing them up. Many of your recipes have become family favorites. Best of all, there are no excuses for not cooking delicious meals at home because so many of your recipes can be prepared in less time than it would take to go out and buy dinner. I recommend your website every time someone bemoans a lack of inspiration. Thank you!

  • My whole day would be simpler because, not only would dinner be simpler, but because I would know what I was doing each night, I could plan ahead and fit in a little dinner preparation as I found I had a little time through the day ie. take 15 minutes to pre cook the sausages and have them in the fridge ready to use for dinner.

  • I love all the info on how to store veggie because I was once a strict vegetarian and I would buy only what I was cooking and that became drudgery.I followed recopes and still do cause you have to buy the ingredients and use them. Now I feel free to buy the fresh ingredients without Fear of them going bad before I use them. I am looking forward to the variety and spontaneity of cooking too. Thanks for all you do.many blesssings.

  • My biggest struggle is time. With a full time job and four kids to run around in the afternoons and weekends for sport, if I’m not super organised, dinner time arrives and I end up at the local supermarket, grabbing a frozen meal.
    I shop weekly at our local farmers market and have great intentions to cook up some wonderful meals, and then I run out of time. I try to use up what I can, but I still find myself throwing old “fresh” food out.
    I’d love to be able to look in my pantry/fridge and whip up a meal, using the ingredients we have, rather than relying on the local supermarket.

  • I have 2 young kids and I used to love making gourmet food but I find I don’t like to eat ‘kids food’ and I don’t have enough energy to cook for them and then make an effort for me and my hubby.
    I love the idea of mis en place as that would make mix and match kind of easier.
    I really Really REALLY need some help with meals planning.

  • Hi Jules I need help with veggie cooking I work odd and unpredictable hours being a self employed mobile massage therapist and yoga teacher. I sometimes eat at 11pm!! I’m really tired and want something hot and fast. Yep I eat a lot of eggs! I need recipes that don’t need grains or sugar ideally and dairy would be good to reduce too. Eating Raw or salads in the cold UK is another challenge. I’m a cake and desert addict too. It’s a lot to change/ask for I know – are you up for the challenge too?

  • I really struggle with figuring out what to make for dinner! I try to meal plan (I have to buy things in advance most of the time) but I get lazy or anxious and it doesn’t come together. I think what I really need is confidence — or a personal assistant! Your Method could help calm my mind and get dinner on the table with ease. Dealing with food allergies/intolerances (I am, among other things, Coeliac) just takes the wind out of my sails, and I really love food.

  • Jules, please stand up and take a bow! I, along with all the other comment writers, thank you for being you and helping people live healthier lives. As I was reading through most of the other comments left by your readers I became emotional. I imagine the great feeling you must have everyday for helping everyday people. Kudos to you! You are indeed a wonderful person!

    Now, on to my healthy eating issues lol. My problem is my hubby and his eating habits. Its hard to say no when he brings home a big greasy restaurant made pizza and other unhealthy foods! Help!

  • I love to cook and I love your blog. My biggest struggle right now is finding meals that appeal to my son’s very limited palate and to me and my husband. And that can be made in about half an hour.

    I dream of having access to a farmer’s market I could visit several times a week and the time to “cook from the heart” (to use your lovely turn of phrase)!

  • I have a terrible habit of buying items with grand plans. But if I can’t find the time to make it, the ingredients start going bad. I feel so guilty for wasting food. I really need to learn to cook simpler. Simpler and healthy doesn’t mean boring, and I need to keep reminding myself that.

  • My biggest struggle is to have a quick tasty veggies as an additional side dish for dinner. We usually have meat and starch and salad, but sometimes I am tired or bored of chopping salad every day. I started following your methods and adding one veggie simply prepared (like steamed or braised and dressed with olive oil and vinegar) and it made our dinners much more interesting and healthy. I would love to learn the Method in more details, it looks so simple and gives so much inspiration to me. It lets me cook not having to follow recipe to the letter which I never do anyway.

  • Dear Jules,
    Thank you for your video series! I too, discovered minimalism some months ago through blogs like Becoming Minimalist and The Minimalists. Your videos are so timely because I am trying to simplify the way I shop, store and cook for my family of 5. I am eager to save time, cook healthy and quick meals, reduce pantry waste, and bring back the joy of cooking from what I have or what’s seasonal. I have stacks of cookbooks but at crunch time I usually cook without cookbooks, but I am getting into a cooking rut.

    I would love it if you could provide more kid-friendly school lunch ideas and also options for Asian flavours.

    Thanks for what you do!

  • My biggest struggle to healthy cooking/eating is probably that I just don’t like dealing with produce. I enjoy eating many fruits and veggies, but I often feel like it is unnecessarily time consuming to prepare them. It might take longer to cook a pot of spaghetti then chop up a few veggies but the effort just seems like more. I’ve often tried to analyze why it seems so difficult to reach for veg and cannot come up with a good reason. I am hoping to find a way to make produce my go to food item rather than whatever carb I find to pull out of the cabinet or fridge for my late night “dinner”.

  • I want to make simple and healthy meals for my family but find daily challenges that make this goal hard to reach. I’d like to learn how to stock the pantry and streamline the cooking process so I can provide good food in a more organized and timely manner. I would also like to learn how to better use all of the fresh produce I buy instead of throwing some of it away.

  • I love that you show us how you actually store your food. I’ve seen people recommend storing greens “with a paper towel,” but was never sure how to actually execute that. Much clearer now :)

  • Living our busy lives in a multigenerational household, it’s very challenging for me to find the time & energy to make quick, healthy meals for my family. I especially want to set a strong foundation for lifelong healthy eating for my 8 year-old son. Too often we go for convenience food in the interest of getting something in our bellies before rushing off to the next task, but this is not the kind of health, deliberate eating habits I want for myself or my family. These three videos have given me valuable tips and tricks to incorporate more of what I want, but I believe that the Healthy Meal Method would give me ALL that I need to make our eating habits much better for us in the long run. Thank you!

  • Hello, I just want to let you know that I am having trouble viewing your videos. I was able to watch a bit of each one but right now Video 3 is playing but with no sound & I am about 4 minutes in to it. The same with #1. Number 2 video played for the first bit & then stopped the audio.
    Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

  • G’day from Canada! I have been struggling with adjusting my diet while breastfeeding my infant with severe eczema. I am very aware of the effects of food upon the health of our physical bodies. Since my first pregnancy (I have three kiddos…) I have battled migraines, and was very blessed to find out that my trigger was dairy. I have thankfully been able to successfully manage them since then. This, however, has set me out on this journey of learning how to eat healthy food in order to feel my best. This has truly benefitted the health of my family as well, since “when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Now, what I eat directly affects my sweet 7 month old babe as well; what a motivation to use this food that God has given us as a TOOL and as FUEL for our health! I am always looking for ways to learn more about how to use food to work FOR us rather than AGAINST us, and I am so excited to learn how to cook with what I have, rather than spend money on crazy ingredients for one recipe. I love the sound of your program; Thanks, Jules, for opening up new horizons in my kitchen!!

  • Jules,
    I want to add one more comment now after seeing video 3: Last December i was involved in a car accident that had me laid up on the couch for 2 months. i am the cook in the family so we resorted to 2 months of take out food! (not fast food per se but restaurant take out). I discovered i carry too much of the burden of the food prep in our home.

    I would like to do your course with my 15 year old daughter (i don’t think my 17 year old son will join us!) so that i can start her early knowing good food prep habits. Had i done this sooner…maybe she would have been the yummy home cook for those two months. :-) thank you for bringing on this class.

  • I’m desperate!! I’m a single girl with a decent kitchen and an office with a fridge, microwave and electric kettle. Should be easy right? Wrong! I don’t know how to cook, and I hate to cook. I also frequently put in 12 hour days. So I end up in the drive through line more often than not. And the stakes are high. I’m terribly overweight, have had 2 cancers and have type 2 diabetes. I HAVE. To get better at this. I would think it was hopeless but I have already gotten better because of stonesoup!! I have almost all of your cookbooks and love thier simplicity and the variations. And I prepare way more of my own food now because of it. So surely the cookery school would move me up to the next level in my quest for health through food. In other words, pick me! Pick me!

  • What would this program would help me with is simplification and organization. I’m currently trying to work on simplifying by planning a couple of meals per week that are about picking up what looks good at the supermarket (I’m a very long-time user of recipes). I’m good at organizing just about everything except my pantry (especially my freezer). Somehow, even with organization, my pantry ends up being chaotic. I’m also trying to simplify what I keep in my pantry, but it will take a while to use up the things I’ve bought that I want to cut back on.

  • I’m struggling with providing good nutritious meals for my family while working full time. This would help the whole family and would elevate my stress level!

  • Most recipes assume that you’re cooking for a family of 4 or 6, so it becomes a nightmare for a solo cook. Most recipes aren’t even made to be divided down, so it’s very hard for the solo cook proper portions. Most people just cheerily recommend, “Make leftovers!” One of the problems I ran into was sometimes the recipe didn’t work right, or I didn’t like it, so “make leftovers” was a huge waste of food. Not to mention it required more ingredients, more time to make, and more work. I like improvisional cooking because it is far more friendly to the solo cook.

  • Hi Jules,
    I would like to start off by saying this is the first blog I have ever read/followed and I just love it. You are a very inspiring woman!

    I would love to be a part of the healthy food method.
    I am Irish just like your husband , I am also a working mother to a 13 month old. With having no family support here (Melbourne). I find it very hard to juggle everyday life along as trying to be healthy e.g. (loose baby weight and just to be healthy in general).
    My days are so hectic like all mothers, I get up at the crack of dawn and go to work. In the evenings I have a two hour gap (from the time I pick up my son from day-care to his bedtime) to get dinner ready along with everything else.
    I end up opting for something easy and most of the time not very healthy!
    Growing up in Ireland I always loved cooking with my granny, roast lamb, roast chicken (roast Potatoes) , apple pie etc. all lovely but not very healthy as they are usually drowned in fat and gravy.
    I would love to learn how to cook healthy and just to get into the head space of being healthy. To know what to buy etc and just the little tips you give are great.
    I love following your blog and will continue to do so for more inspiring and creative meal ideas.
    Thank you Jules for sharing your story with us, we are all very grateful ?
    Amanda x

  • I just finished listening to the last, of your three video. Your meal planning program covers a lot of information. You are very thorough in covering all the aspect of preparing meals in a timely manner, not wasting food, that we have on hand, adapting recipes to meet individual needs, video of how each recipe is made, and more.
    I like buying a variety of fruits and vegetables, but never seem to eat them all before they spoil. I enjoyed your video, on storage options for different foods. I had just made salsa and had 1 – 1/2 heads of garlic left, so I put them in a paper bag. I was also, unaware that cheese spoiled it plastic. Would wax paper or parchment paper, be alright? I like to put cheese in a plastic container, for easy access. Some of your techniques, I have been using, as onions and potatoes, in a special bag, for each and stored in a cool dark place.
    I think one of my problems, is getting enough protein, in my diet. On my lab work, I’m always low. I don’t know which meats are lower in fat, nor how I would prepare them. Plus the price of meat, is too high, as well with eggs. My go to meat, has always been chicken. Mainly chicken thighs, which are my favorite. I also enjoy eggs. I don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking, then spend time cleaning a stack of dishes. With my bad back, I try to limit complex recipes, with a different gadget to prepare each food items. Your plan sounds so wonderful and takes the guesswork out of eating healthy. I look forward to hearing/seeing more.

  • I have been making some changes to my diet to address some health problems. As a result I am developing healthy habits and a routine.However, my repertoire is becoming predictable so your program will give me the skills, tools, and confidence to improvise my cooking. In addition, I am vegetarian so I am looking for flexibility in the recipes to accommodate my needs. I also want to learn basic skills of cooking without the need to follow a strict recipe.

  • Hi jules, I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent aimlessly staring into my pantry & fridge willing inspiration to strike…..and eggs on toast it is again haha. I really want to cook healthy meals for my family, but I get so overwhelmed that I always make the same things over & over again. I’m not a great cook & I tend to follow recipes for fear of things tasting horrible & going to waste. I’d love to learn how to cook & be confident in the kitchen. Thanks for the training & opportunity to win a spot in your course. Stacie.

  • Loved the unpretentious presentations. I‘m delighted that I have adopted your pantry and fridge/freezer suggestions as I transformed my own kitchen without this information. I would like to fine tune meal planning by taking my list of meal go-tos to the next level but more than anything I love searching your blog for recipe inspiration. Just last night I had leftover chicken and created a simple delish Coconut Chicken with Greens. The search revealed quite a variety to choose from and I tweaked the recipe using a serrated peeler for the zucchini instead of spinach. I even decided to make my own coconut milk and hubby took the leftovers to work for lunch. Thank you.

  • Jules your approach to cooking is so inspirational. I struggle with cooking for one, being healthy but not bored eating the same thing every night. What I’ve seen so far, your approach is the way to food freedom!

  • I have spent far too many Sunday’s intending to have a productive day of meal planning and cooking, only to spend the entire day overwhelmed amongst a pile of cookbooks and recipe websites. In an attempt to meet ‘criteria’ of: healthy, nutritionally balanced, in-season and varied meals for my family, I get paralysed with indecision. Too often we resort to eating eggs on toast or sitting down to eat at 10pm after finally settling on something to cook!

    We live on a farm 70km from the nearest town and would benefit from being able adapt recipes according to what ingredients we have available. We are building a veggie garden and would love to be able to cook using produce we harvest, and make the meals interesting and varied to keep both myself and my family excited about food.
    Thanks for providing inspiration and energy for cooking, I think our busy farming lifestyle would certainly benefit from your ongoing guidance. Thanks!

  • I need to keep reminding myself that I do have those ingredients in the house and use them, not to get to dinner time tired and hungry and just do the “something on toast ” thing .To do the Healthy meal program will I’m sure give me the enthusiasm and organizational skills to be interested in myself and my health again > I look forward to working with you often __ !!

  • I am looking forward to learning more about your inspiring style. As a person living w/ health challenges, (especially stamina & strength), your concept of getting good at looking at recipes as inspirational, rather than dictatorial is so genius. I’d have starved many a time if I couldn’t learn to make accommodations! Thank you for what u do.

  • Hi, I struggle with healthy eating as I have an incredibly sweet tooth and usually end up eating crisps and chocolate as a main meal because I don’t know where to start with healthy eating; there is so much conflicting advice out there. My eating habits already negatively affect my health but I’m shortly returning to university to start training as an adult nurse and need to change my ways in order to have the strength and stamina to withstand my new career and to set a good example to my colleagues and patients. I’m looking forward to learning tips and tricks and seeing some inspiring recipes.

  • Jules- Your blog has completely changed our life! In less than two weeks time, my interaction with food and all that goes with it ( i.e., gathering, preparation, feelings etc.) has begun to shift. Prior to finding your blog, I would characterize my relationship with shopping, cooking as eating as dysfunctional, frantic and very stressful. Dinners were predominately microwavable prepackaged meals. The worst part? My girls were inheriting my awful habits. Your meal planning program was just what I needed to move me from a place of unhealthy, overwhelming negativity to a place of ease, excitement and joy! My family has eaten so many delicious healthy meals these past two weeks. I would be ecstatic if I was chosen for one of the five spots for the Healthy Meal Method Program! As I gain more skills and knowledge and confidence, I may even consider giving my microwave away! ;)

  • I am a recipe follower
    But i get frustrated when i see a recipe in a magazine with lot’s of
    ingredients and their is always one ingredient I don’t have like
    Marjoram at $5 a bottle probably never use it again

  • Loved to see “behind the scenes” in your kitchen. It was incredible to see how similar it is to mine in England. I now need to learn to cook like you too. I’m constantly looking for ways to adapt and plan my meals to suit my 3 men (7,8 and 46) who are carnivores whilst I’m veggie. My wish is to get them to love salad and veggies rather than hairdos.

  • I have been interested in eating healthy for a while but I find food can easily get wasted in the process. I’m getting a little frustrated with how expensive and wasteful it can be if you don’t plan well. This is what often makes me want to give up! I would be overjoyed to have a spot in the Healthy Meal Method Program and would look forward to share recipes with friends and family and help promote healthy eating even more than I do now!

  • There is a 7-week high-profile sporting tournament about to start in the UK, and I am tasked with coordinating the business leveraging program around it. A spot in the Healthy Meal Method would help ensure that I support my immune system and ability to perform during an intense period of high stress, long hours and draining commutes. The 5 ingredients, 10 minutes philosophy fits right into my busy schedule :)

  • As a result of depression and stress in my life, I am at the moment working on decluttering all my stuff in my house. I very much need help to declutter my diet as well so that I can start to eat healthy and lose my excess weight that is having a major impact on my life. I was searching just the other day for ways to achieve a decluttered diet and had forgotten about your emails even though I have been getting them for ages. What an idiot! Watching the videos above have made
    me realise that I can have a healthy minimalist style diet, I just need the tools to do it!

  • Why are you should pick me!

    With just 15 minutes to spare before the cut-off UK time that is at least I decided I would have a shot at entering.

    I came to the stone soup blog a few years ago and have recently returned.

    The reason I came back I was I was looking to get back into cooking healthy food as I have started training and trying to lose it in a bit of weight.

    Combined with exercising picking three or four recipes to cook each week from the blog has enabled me to lose 6 kg already which is absolutely fantastic.

    More importantly having followed the three videos I’m already getting into the habit of using fresh produce to maximise flavour whilst cooking healthy food.

    Healthy eating is so important and yet most of us pick up ready meals more easily than a few veg and spices. Particularly for those single guys out there working in the city like me.

    I’ve been really inspired by the recipe is on the blog and the impact that it’s already had on my weight and health and would love to take it to the next level.

    In any event thanks so much Jules for providing such inspiration.


  • I know how to complicate just about anything . . . . including meals. I’m a prior Home Economics teacher turned homeschool mom and the kitchen is no stranger to me, neither is efficiency. I have too much of everything (except time) – recipes, ingredients in pantry, appetites to satisfy, systems to try to help me – a little simplicity and minimalism would be a lifesaver to me especially since my bipolar mom moved in with me in April. I love the simplicity of the recipes on your blog. I especially like the meatballs (my family does too!) and all the variations allowing me to go with what I have.

  • Just reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Yikes. I would prefer (based on my own knowledge as well as the information in the book) to eat grass-fed beef and true free-range chicken, as well as organic produce. It is simply not affordable with our income, so I get discouraged about all the commercially-processed chemically-laden junk that passes for food. I hate food shopping because I’m forced to buy food I know is not healthy, thus we have very little in the house. Most of our meals are a protein and a roasted veg or a protein and a salad. But knowing what is in that meat (antibiotics etc) makes me lose my appetite entirely. I LOVE food, but am one depressed Foodie these days.

  • I love adaptation! I like to cook with what I have, buy what looks good and only follow a recipe for ideas, because I am not going to go to the store just to get the last 2 ingredients so I can make something.. but I do really appreciate getting new ideas for different types of food, easier ways to prepare ingredients more quickly and without waste. Also I have quit using any prepackaged ‘foods’ so I have to prepare more snacks as well as all meals. I only buy fresh produce locally and use very little meat.

  • Hi, I’m a bit concerned about keeping eggs out of the fridge advice. I seem to recall that salmonella grew with temperature. That’s why I never buy eggs that are in the sun and supermarkets have to keep them close to their chill area. This is what I learned years ago, please update my info if obsolete. Thanks!

    • You’re not out of date Paula!
      Salmonella will grow faster at room temp than in the fridge. We just eat enough eggs that they’re not hanging around for long enough for me to worry about it.

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