Pork & Fennel Burgers

Pork & Fennel Burgers

Pork & Fennel Burgers

Pork and fennel is one of my favourite sausage flavour combos. So no surprises that it also translates to a tasty burger! The other thing I love about this dish is the layering of fennel seeds with the fresh fennel in the salad.

enough for: 2
takes: 15 minutes

450g (1lb) minced (ground) pork
2 teaspoons fennel seeds
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 large bulb fennel
1 bag rocket (arugula) leaves
mayonnaise, to serve

1. In a bowl combine pork and fennel seeds. Season and form into 2 patties.

2. Heat a frying pan on a medium high heat. Rub burgers with a little oil and cook for 4-5 minutes or until no longer pink in the middle.

3. Meanwhile combine lemon with 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Season. Shave fennel using a mandolin or sharp knife.

4. Toss shaved fennel in the dressing with the rocket.

5. Place cooked burgers on 2 plates. Top with salad and drizzle over the mayo.

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5-ingredients – skip the rocket (arugula) or fennel seeds.

vegetarian – add fennel seeds to these chickpea burgers.

egg-free – use natural yoghurt instead of the mayo or use a commercial vegan mayo.

no fennel – replace with 2 small zucchini or just use more salad leaves.

different meat – chicken, turkey or even beef are all good.

more substantial – serve on burger buns (and fries).

no fennel – just skip it. Or replace with some fresh red chilli.

pescetarian – use finely chopped fish or cook fish fillets with the fennel seeds and serve with the salad and mayo.

more veg – serve with a green salad.

Big love!
Jules x


  • This isn’t related to the post, but you know a lot about nutrition and the latest research and I was wondering if you could help me. I have a six-year-old daughter who really likes having an overview understanding of things. She’s been asking questions about diet and nutrition, so I’m trying to put together a basic summary for her: these are the things your body needs and how your body uses them. (She eats a healthy diet, she just wants to understand it) I’m totally confused about how the body processes sugar vs other carbs vs fat. What would you say to a child?

  • Hi Caitlyn,
    try to get the documentary on sugar called : “that sugar film”…. you”ll find loads of info and you can watch parts of it with your smart kid!

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