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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I[/dropcap] was feeling a bit down when I sat at my desk to write this post. You know one of those days where it’s just a bit ‘blahh’.

Anyway, I found myself reading through the comments on my most recent blog post.

Instantly I felt better!

Hearing from Stonesoup readers always lifts my spirits. With two small children in the house I don’t get to respond as often as I’d like, but I love the interaction that blog comments allow. Even if it’s hearing from someone who has had problems with one of my recipes. I genuinely love the feedback.

Which brings me to the something ‘new’…

The Stonesoup ‘Commenter of the Month’ Award!

To give you an extra incentive to share your thoughts on Stonesoup, I’ll be giving away a copy of my print book, 5-Ingredients 10-Minutes the first week of every month.

And the winner for March is Jo Crosby!

To be in the running to win, all you need to do is leave a comment anywhere on Stonesoup.

I really want to hear what you think. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It can be feedback on a particular recipe or a general comment on anything that’s resonated with you. Or not!

Entries are open to anyone from around the world.

Really looking forward to hearing from you!

Magical Low Carb Burger Buns!

Before I go, this week’s recipe is something I’m currently in love with. It’s not something I normally say about food but I really love these buns! Yes they’ve changed my life in the last few months.

It’s been so lovely to have an easy-to-make soft bread roll in my repertoire (and my freezer). They were a winner for sandwiches with our leftover Christmas ham, cheese, pickles and mustard. And my old lunch favourite tuna and mayo rolls have been popping back.

Plus they’re brilliant for proper burgers without worrying about my blood sugar levels.

All this talk about sandwiches and I just realized I haven’t tried them in a BLT – need to get onto that ASAP!


Low Carb Burger Buns

Magical Burger Buns (Low Carb)

These burger buns are the real deal. They’re now my go-to whenever I’m in the mood for a low carb sandwich or, of course, a burger! Don’t be tempted to try them without the psyllium – it’s really the critical ingredient for getting the light soft, burger bun texture (it also adds lots of fiber!)

makes: 4
takes: 60 minutes

100g (3.5oz) almond meal
25g (1oz) psyllium
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 egg whites* (120g / 4oz)
1 cup boiling water
2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
sesame seeds to sprinkle (optional)

1. Preheat your oven to 180C (350F). Line a tray with baking paper.

2. Mix almond meal, psyllium, baking powder and salt in a medium bowl. Add egg whites, boiling water and vinegar. Stir until just combined. Stand for 5 minutes to allow the mixture to cool and the psyllium to absorb the water.

3. Divide mixture into 4 and form each into a little disc about the diameter of a burger bun. I find using wet hands helps stop it being too messy. Place discs on your prepared tray. Sprinkle with sesame seeds (if using).

4. Bake buns for 55-60 minutes or until well browned and risen. To double check they should sound hollow, like a loaf of baked bread when you tap on the bottoms with your finger tips.

5. When the buns are cooked, cool on a rack to stop the bottoms going soggy.

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* no egg whites – you can use 2 whole eggs instead (the buns texture will be slightly heavier but still delicious!)

nut-free / budget – Replace almond meal with finely ground sunflower seeds (I use a little coffee grinder) – no need to change the baking time.

larger batch – I often double the batch to make more for freezing. Cut in half cross wise before freezing so you can easily defrost in the toaster.

no apple cider vinegar – you can skip it, or use another wine vinegar – something that tastes good but not balsamic!

no psyllium – Don’t be tempted to try them without the psyllium – it’s really the critical ingredient for getting the light soft, burger bun texture (it also adds lots of fiber!)

Shelf Life / Storage

Keeps for 1 week in the fridge or indefinitely in the freezer. Just warm in the toaster or oven before serving.

Big love,
Jules x

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  • Love your site and use it and your books to create my minimalist kitchen and way of eating. The one thing I like best is your options of things at the end of recipes. Such as carnivore , vegan, no this or that etc. I often get inspiration from those subs alone. Not a baker but these buns would certainly intrest me. Thanks!

  • I too am a fan of you variations. Which are helpful being a low carb, mostly plant based, pescatarian, so often not ticking any boxes at all
    I don’t generally do ‘bread’ at all right now, but my current bread like indulgence is all seeds and nuts which I love thinly sliced and toasted left to go cold and then thickly buttered and finished with vegemite.
    No idea what the carbs are though

  • I am looking forward to trying these rolls but I’m not sure where to get hold of the magic ingredient, Psyllium. Any suggestions for where to get it? Thanks!

    • I get mine from my health food store Sharon but you can easily order online and some supermarkets would probably have it

    • You can find psyllium in the health food section of supermarkets if you’re in Australia.

  • I’ve NEVER been tempted to do low-carb burger buns. Or low-carb pizza. Or anything. Well, maybe I’ll change my opinion if I ever develop diabetes. Until then … sinning should be done properly.

    • Very funny. Yes I am on the “Sinning should be done properly” Journey. All in moderation.

      • Thanks for sharing Diandra & Margaret!
        I hope you never get diabetes and need to look at carbs in the way I need to. One thing I’ve found really helpful is to stop thinking about food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

        And definitely there is no ‘sinning’ in my world when it comes to food. My friend Darya has written a great article about this:

        I’m also not a fan of the ‘moderation’ philosophy because it’s so vague. Darya also has an excellent article about that:

        But if you’re happy with how things are in your food world no need to listen to me!

      • Eating normal bread is not a SIN if you can eat it. for many diabetics who need to monitor their carbs and people who are wheat intolerant, such recipes are way to enjoy foods without suffering. If you don’t like the recipe don’t make it or eat it. simple as that.

  • I adore this recipe. I used it last week and LOVED it (you must have mentioned it in another email). It’s a game changer to have “bread” I can actually eat — most grains and corn cause indigestion for me, so this is amazing. Thank you so much.

      • Hi Irene,
        My calculations give me about 5 grams carbohydrate per bun. Very low indeed. I’m going to bake these tomorrow.

  • Hi Jules – always enjoy getting your emails! Can you tell me the carb count per bun?
    Appreciate all your ideas.
    Best – Irene

    • SOrry Irene… I don’t calculate nutrients like that – there are plenty of websites to help you work it out :)

  • There’s an even simpler way of “housing” a burger: just bake up a loaf of no-knead whole wheat bread:

    3 cups whole wheat flour
    1.5 cups of whole rye flour
    1.5 cups of bread flour
    1/2 tsp instant yeast
    scant tbl salt
    @3.5 cups of warm water
    – – – – –
    1. Mix all the dry ingredients
    2. Warm 4 cups of water (90 seconds in microwave)
    3. Slowly pour water while mixing the dough; mix until smooth and it sticks to a dough hook or other mixing utensil (including your hands!). Sometimes I use all 4 cups; sometimes a lot less. It depends on the humidity. You’ll have to experiment, but it’ll be great no matter how much water you use.
    4. Using a rubber spatula, scrape the mixture down off the inside of the mixing bowl; cover with plastic wrap; secure with rubber band.
    5. Leave it for 8-10 hours in warm room.
    [5.5: I sometimes will punch it down after 4-5 hours and let it rise once more, but this step is clearly not needed.]
    6. Place tightly covered Dutch oven or pot in oven and heat to 450.
    7. When pot is red hot, sprinkle course corn meal on bottom of pot; pour the mixture into pot; bake for 45 minutes;
    8. Remove cover and continue baking for another 15 minutes.
    9. Turn loaf onto cooling rack.

    I generally put half of the loaf in the freezer; and while I love the taste of the fresh bread, it tastes even better when it’s toasted. Also, the toast stands up to any moisture in the burger better than does the untoasted version.

  • Hi Jules
    I don’t have any regular vinegar. Why is balsamic a problem? Would sherry work instead?

    • Balsamic is fine if you don’t mind the sugar Trish – sorry I should have clarified. Sherry vinegar would be lovely!

  • I love this recipe and can’t wait to try it out, your site is one I often go to for low carb goodies, my only complaint is that I see so many delicious dishes you post on Instagram but without recipes Cauliflower Flatbread, Zucchini Fritters, Cherry Ricotta Crumble, hello, need recipes now please…..

  • Thank you for your weekly sharing. You cook the way I’ve learned to do in the 8th (!) decade of my life. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? My cats just objected to that metaphor. By the way, my husband is the bread-maker in our household, so he’ll be most interested in this recipe if it proves to be “Clare-safe.”
    I adhere pretty rigorously to the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate diet) for its having healed a serious gut problem. According to their “legal/illegal” list, psyllium husks are a no-no on that diet. Is it possible to use psyllium seeds without husks? I’ve not used them and so don’t really know how they’re constructed (botanically speaking).
    Thank you, Jules, with love from the farthest corner of the world from you.

    • Good for you getting into cooking Clare! I’m not familiar with psyllium seeds v’s husks. I imagine they would be quite different beasts but worth a shot if you can get your bread maker on board.
      And would love to know where you’re from… Australia is so far from pretty much everywhere!

  • Hi Jules! it’s really what I was thinking about it: low carb bread!!
    Thanks a lot! And thank you for the draw.

  • Hi Jules,
    I finally got around to making your chocolate zucchini cake. Absolutely fabulous. The moistest and lightest chocolate “fudge” cake ever. I did add sugar, not stevia but not much so it wasn’t too sweet. Also great for gluten free friends.Thank you for the recipe.

  • Any chance ut would work with egg-white replacer? We have to be free because of egg allergies, but try to be low carb at least sometimes, but it is really hard sometimes…

    • It might work Diana… I’m afraid I’m not familiar with egg replacers (I have so many other dietary requirements to consider) Let me know if you do try it! Jx

  • Hey Jules,

    When you call for psyllium, do you mean psyllium husks or ground psyllium?

    • Husks Michelle… but I was reading the ground psyllium can be substituted for the husks. Approx 1 tablespoon husks = 1 teaspoon powder.

  • Hi there, as I am very hard of hearing, I can’t/don’t hear the hollow thump when making bread. I do take the internal temperature using an instant read probe thermometer
    Could you add the internal temperatuee of the buns to the recipe as a guide to doneness?
    Thanks for the weight of the ingredients…so critical for successful baking!

    • Glad you’re a weigher Sheila! I would imagine the internal temperature would be similar to your regular bread. Will try to remember to test next time – much more accurate!

  • Hi Jules
    On a recent trip to Tassie my husband and I went across to Mona to the Modern Art Museum and to my suprise there was a superb food market. I was so disappointed that you were going to be there at 2pm and we were booked to go back to Hobart at 1.40pm. I hope on our next visit I am able to meet you.

    \Regards Lesley

  • Hi Jules,

    It’s fair to say that your blog/book has changed our lives – for the better! I bought your 5 ingredient/10 min book as a Christmas present for my hubby when our son was 6 months old. It was a totally tongue in cheek pressie about our shared love of cooking. For our first Christmas as a couple (all those years ago!), he gifted me the Stephanie Alexander tome. Now that we’re both working and looking after a little one, we just don’t have the time we used to do make lengthy recipes. The fact that we can pull together healthy, delicious meals and QUICKLY means we don’t have to compromise on our values and we can be present for each other, rather than in a stressed out tizz.

    Thank you so much and keep up your wonderful work – you’re a total inspiration!


  • Morning Jules
    When ever I see your name in my In Box I :-)
    Your articles always make me smile.
    Your commonsense approach to everything.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jessie Attard

  • I am new to low carb eating and have tried a couple of recipes for bread but was not very good. I am definitely going to try this one and see what happens. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  • HI. Am totally blind. I too love your recipe variations. I’m quite a picky eater, and it means I can adapt a recipe using your variations to something I will eat. I am a member of a cooking list for the blind called vips in the kitchen, and have recommended your website to them. Not quite sure what psilliam (probably spelled that wrong) is. Not sure what to tell my shopping helpers to look for. lol. Is this recipe gluton free?

  • HI Jules
    These look great! Is the psyllium husk or powder? Saw both at the supermarket and guessing the same amount of powder would make it more dense than the husk would.

  • Can’t wait to try this as they sound amazing and low carb too! Very excited! Thanks for sharing xx

  • One question… When adding egg whites and boiling water at the same time is there not a risk of cooking the egg whites before you have a chance to mix everything together? Does look like the best bread substitute I’ve come across in quite some time though. Anxious to try it!

  • Hi, just now found your site. I live for great tasting food without all the icky ” bad for you” junk that no one can pronounce. Even the people that puts that crap in processed foods can’t pronounce either!!! Looking forward to sharing and swapping Recipies with my loved ones. Be sharing my thoughts again with you and others, hopefully! ?

  • These look great and actually almost something I can eat, just the eggs are a killer for me, do you think these would work if I used a egg sub?
    Thank you :-)

  • Since owning several of your ebooks ive become a more confident cook able to concoct my own easy, delious, healthy ,few ingredients recipes. Which i will need to eyart writing down. Ive taken dishes to friends only to have them say how much they like something then i don’t recall exactly how i made it, lol!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences in cooking with us, and building a world of confident home chefs!

    • I used to have the same problem crystal which is why I started Stonesoup in the first place :) Highly recommend writing things down!

  • Hi :) do you have any ideas on egg white replacer a other than whole eggs? My son is allergic to egg and wheat! Would love to try the recipe as it looks simple and

  • Just got some psyllium husk and this is a perfect recipe with which to try it! So excited, now all I have to do is dig the almond meal out of the freezer. Thanks

  • OMG, OMG, I just made these today and I am so picky and I loved, loved these. I have been on the low carb diet since last September and this is the very first guilt-free bread that I have had since then. So incredibly easy and delish! I am already envisioning scrambled eggs with sausage sandwiches. Thank you!

  • I made these today using sunflower seeds and powder form of psyllium. Look amazing, browner than your picture, but when I cut them open they were still ‘wet’. I have put them back in the oven but as they have been in there for 1 1/2 hours I don’t know if they will be ok? Has anyone else had this problem?

  • I made these buns using 2 whole eggs instead of egg whites and adding a little extra flavoring (including toasted minced onions). The rolls were light and soft but still held up to hearty bison burgers. My wife is coeliac and has tried many commercially available gluten free rolls. Her verdict – this was superior to all of them.

    These rolls were easy to make and we will certainly have them again.

    Thank you.

  • This sounds like a great recipe. I just forwarded your email to my celiac friend. I am always keeping an eye out for recipes for her. She will be wrapped with this one because she always says GF bread isn’t soft enough. Thanks for or your nutritional recipes and inspiration, I am trying to eat healthy and you are helping me. Cheers. Toni x

  • I’m so excited that you’ve created this recipe. I’ve tried similar recipes, but they haven’t risen. I’ve got some in the oven right now and so far they’re looking good! Fingers crossed! I’m making some low carb garlic bread as that’s one of the things I miss being low carb.

    I whisked the egg whites, is that a necessary step or do you just add them?

    Thanks again Jules!

  • Ah Jules, you’ve done it again!
    I made theses rolls up late last night, but used only cheese as a filling. Superb!
    I’ve been using your recipes pretty much from when you started Stonesoup and our repertoire of yummy delicious foods as quite extensive.
    And as a T2 I rely appreciate the amount of effort you put into providing recipes for healthy tasty alternatives for some of the now-no-longer-good-for-you favourites.
    Thank you
    As a fellow T2 diabetic I really appreciate your efforts to provide good healthy alternatives to some of our no-longer-good-for-us favourites.
    Thank you, thank you

  • I often use my mobile phone for looking up and cooking your delicious recipes. I have been a long-time viewer of your website and at one point have downloaded the 5 ingredient recipe book. I don’t want to download it to my phone yet I am constantly annoyed by how the free offer continually ‘pops up’ despite saying no thanks every time. It would be great if it could be removed completely. I understand it is a marketing technique, however it is a very annoying one.

    • Thanks for the feedback Josephine!
      Really appreciate it… The popup shouldn’t be coming up every time so I must have the settings wrong. Thank YOU!

  • The buns were amazing and so easy to make! A great hit with the family. I used 2 whole eggs instead of the egg whites and was very pleased with the results. Looking forward to making more. Thank you.

  • I had ordered some psyllium from Amazon and make some nut and seed bread which was okay but not worth all the work. I found your recipe and made it. Nothing is the same as real bread but these really hit the spot. And yes, I did make a BLT! I also toasted one and had for breakfast with low sugar jam. This is a keeper. Thanks so much!

  • These look great but see that psyllium is an essential component. I am extremely allergic to psyllium so would have to omit it. Are then any options at all for substitution that would be worth experimenting with??

    • Possibly ground flax seed (linseed) might work Louise… but I’d start with less water too as it won’t absorb as much liquid as the psyllium
      Good luck Louise!

  • Made these today after weeks of wanting to. They rose really nicely but when I cut them open the top half was just a big air bubble and the bottom half still looked much like the mix that went in but not sticky anymore. Is this how they should look or did I do something wrong?

    • Yes to the air bubble and they are meant to be moist Jayne but if it’s too wet sounds like they could have been baked longer. You can always Toast under the grill to brown up if desired. Jx

  • I will be trying these tomorrow! I am a sandwich kinda girl (anything tastes better on a bun) and have terribly missed having sandwiches for lunch since my diabetes diagnosis. These look so easy and quick compared to making buns from a more traditional bread recipe. and i like that they look like they are not so thick with “bread”!

  • Can anyone tell me how much psyllium powder equals 25 g psyllium husks please? ( 1 tblspn husks / 1 Tspn powder doesn’t help!) I made the buns but wasn’t aware that I had powder, and buns had hollow gluey centres…too much psyllium powder I guess!).

  • Wow and thank you so much for still being here with great recipes and ideas. I cook and prepare food for our local 60s and Better group morning teas weekly. We have gluten free, egg/seafood/onion/lactose allergies, and fodmap needs! Some days it nearly does my head it, but I just love all your bread substitutes. Being one of the GF people myself, I am always looking for bread subs with flavor but that are actually good for savory foods. All the gf bread available in our local supermarket (Cooktown, remote town in Queensland Australia, almost at the far north tip of the country) are full of sugar and sickly sweet! I am also always looking for diabetic friendly recipes too, as we often share morning tea with groups of our local native Australian elders. Hint, hint? Thanks so much, love your book!

  • I finally started a keto lifestyle and have the ingredients for these (after saving your recipe FOREVER ago) but am confused about one thing. Adding the eggs and boiling water at the same time….don’t the eggs get cooked by the water? Should I add one at a time? and if yes, which to add first? I’m sorry if these are dumb questions, but I really want to make this work.

    • Great questions Deb – I add the eggs first then stir a little and add the boiling water. Its fine this way :) Good luck!

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