2 Secrets to a Simple Kitchen

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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] B[/dropcap]efore I got into minimalism and simplicity, my kitchen was a bit of a disaster zone.

My drawers wouldn’t shut.

My cupboards were overflowing.

As a passionate cook, you can imagine all the utensils and appliances I had collected over the years.

It was time for a change.

So I had a big clean out.

I went through everything.

It was so much fun. And so calming to work in my new spacious kitchen.

That was over 10 years ago and apart from the regular invasions from teddies, toy trucks and lego, my kitchen is usually a space of calm.

A place I love spending time.

2 Secrets to a Simple Kitchen

1. Purge
You can do this all at once, or just go through one area at a time. It’s going to be way more fun than you’d think.

Divide your kitchen equipment into 3 piles:

i. Things you use and love >> find a place to keep them.

ii. Things haven’t used in the last year >> donate to charity or sell online.

iii. Things you’re not sure of >> put in a ‘quarantine’ box in the garage and review in 6 months.

2. Question Everything
Always ask yourself before you buy something new. Do we really need this?

By being mindful of the things you allow into your life it’s surprisingly easy to keep your kitchen simple.

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  • Mostly, things that were not in my grandmother’s kitchen have no place in mind. I’ll admit to dreaming of a semi-pro ice cream maker and an actifry, if I ever fall over a pot of gold and a spare shelf …

  • Thanks, Jules! This post is really informative. I also think a good way to manage a simple kitchen is by using multipurpose kitchen appliances. That way, you finish two or three tasks with one appliance hence your kitchen will not be stuffy and filled with clumsy gadgets.

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