15 Simple One Pot Dinner Recipes

One Pot Dinner Recipes Cheesey Tuna Broccoli Bake

Cheesey Tuna & Broccoli Bake Recipe Here.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #003152;”] T[/dropcap]his may surprise you but although I love cooking, I HATE cleaning up.

I’ve tried thinking of it in zen terms as a chance to practice mindfulness. And while sometimes that works, most nights when I come back in to the kitchen from putting small boys to bed I wish I could just wave a magic wand and the kitchen would be instantly sparkly.

But so far I haven’t found said magic wand so I’ve come up with two of the next best solutions…

Solution 1.
I did a deal with my Irishman that it’s his job to wipe down the benches and dining table. Which may seem small but it makes a huge difference.

Solution 2.
I often choose to cook simple one pot dinners.

And no, you can’t borrow my Irishman. Sorry!

But I am willing to share some of my favourite simple one pot dinner recipes…



Hummus with Chorizo & Hazelnuts Recipe

1. Hummus with Chorizo & Hazelnuts

While the Spiced Beef with Hummus from my FREE eCookbook will always be one of my go-to meals, this version using chorizo is a close second.

One Pot Dinner Recipe Cauliflower, Chicken & Peanut Curry--3

2. One Pot Cauliflower, Chicken & Peanut Curry


One Pot Dinner Recipe cheesey broccoli-2

3. Cheesey Broccoli

One Pot Dinner Recipe Cajun Chicken in a Paper Bag-2

4. Cajun Chicken in a Paper Bag


Chorizo & Eggplant Supper-2

5. Eggplant & Chorizo Supper


One Pot Dinner Recipe Stir-Through Mac & Cheese

6. ‘Stir-Through’ Mac & Cheese

One Pot Dinner Recipe Magic Sausage & Cabbage Supper-3

7. Magic Sausage & Cabbage Supper

One Pot Dinner Recipe kale gratin-2

8. Killer Kale Gratin


One Pot Dinner Recipe Yummy Spiced Tomato Soup-2

9. Yuuummy Spiced Tomato Soup

One Pot Dinner Recipe mushies with sausages-4

10. Sausages with Mushies

One Pot Dinner Recipe Lebanese Roast Ratatouille with Hummus-

11. Lebanese Roast Ratatouille with Hummus


One Pot Dinner Recipe Super Green Saag Chicken-3

12. Super Green Saag Chicken


One Pot Dinner Recipe Zucchini Laksa-2

13. Zucchini Laksa


One Pot Dinner Recipe egg & pea fried rice

14. Fergal’s Egg & Pea Fried Rice

One Pot Dinner Recipe Cheesey Tuna & Broccoli Bake--3

15. Cheesey Tuna & Broccoli Bake

More One Pot 6-Ingredient Recipes…

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Have fun in the kitchen!

With love,
Jules x