11 Tasty Ideas for Tahini

Spiced Roast Chicken & Cauliflower Salad with Tahini Maple Dressing

If someone was mean enough to make me choose my top 10 ingredients, tahini would definitely be a star.

I was first introduced to this creamy sesame seed ‘butter’ when I fell in love with Lebanese food.

And while I happily reach for the tahini jar whenever I’m cooking something Middle Eastern, its use expends way beyond that.

So I’m super excited to share with you all my favourite tasty tahini ideas. Enjoy!

11 Tasty Ideas for Tahini

1. Salted Kale with Green Tahini
Number one because it’s my latest creation. Green tahini traditionally has herbs like parsley pureed through, however I love getting an even tastier sauce by combining tahini with some home made pesto.

2. On a spoon
There’s a slightly bitter note to tahini which makes it less approachable on its own than peanut butter or other nut butter. However, I love a little spoon as a quick snack.

3. Babaganoush
It’s a classic for a reason! Charred eggplant peeled and pureed with tahini, garlic and a little lemon. Brilliant with grilled meats, especially lamb. Or as an accompaniment to roast veg or wilted greens.

4. Tahini Miso Turmeric Sauce
A sunny yellow sauce that packs a big flavour punch from the tahini and miso paste. Super versatile, I’m planning on whipping up a batch this weekend!

5. Hummus
My first tahini love. The reason I got my first jar of tahini.

6. With avo on toast
Not the first thing you think of when smashing your avocado, but love how the creamy nuttiness of tahini takes avocado and olives to new places.

7. Lime & Tahini Kale Salad
In the Winter months I have this salad for lunch at least once a week. A magic dressing of tahini, lime juice and soy sauce (the secret ingredient) to transform kale into the most delicious salad.

8. Stuffed Sweet Potato with Tahini Sauce
A fave with the boys. These days I replace the sweet potato with roast eggplant for a lower carb dinner. Delicious either way.

9. Spiced Roast Chicken & Cauliflower Salad with Tahini Maple Dressing
Be warned. This dressing is addictive in a creamy, sweet and salty kinda way. It’s divine here with roast chicken and cauli.

10. Japanese Sesame Dressing
The Japanese know how to get the most out of a sesame seed. It may not be traditional, but I love using tahini to get that creamy nutty sesame flavour in Japanese sauces and dressings.

10. Broccoli Hummus
OMG one of my favourite favourite ways to eat broccoli. Essentially just replacing the chickpeas in hummus to reduce the carbs and up the veggie content. So green. So good. Serve anywhere you’d use normal hummus.

For more tahini love see:

Have fun in the kitchen!

With love,
Jules x

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