Have You Tried Abundance Bowls?

Smoked Trout & Broccoli Bowls

Last month the bonus ‘simple classic dinner’ focus for my online cooking students and meal planning members was all about one of my favourite ways to eat.

It’s a new name for a very old idea…

Basically put some delicious ingredients in a bowl.

Add a sauce.

Dinner is ready.

I came across the term ‘abundance bowl’ in Sarah Wilson’s great book ‘Simpilicious’.

Since then I’ve been thinking of my lunches and simple dinners as Abundance Bowls.

Which as my friend Linda said…
“Sounds much nicer than leftovers.”

And when I got this email from one of my students, I was so happy.

Your abundance bowls are the bomb.
Such a good core idea that’s really helping me this week.
Thank you!”

Ready to try an abundance bowl for yourself?

It’s easy.

The Abundance Bowl 3-Step

Step 1. Grab some cooked protein (100-200g / 4-7oz).

Step 2. Add in raw or cooked veg (200g / 7oz for lunch – double that for dinner)

Step 3. Finish with a tasty sauce.

For more specific examples see My Formula for a Perfect Weekday Lunch.

Have You Tried Abundance Bowls?

What do you think?
Let me know in the comments below…

Have fun in the kitchen!

With love,
Jules x


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