A Simple (and Incredibly Tasty) Way to Use Up Leftovers

Mushroom Soup with Brown Butter Walnuts

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] I[/dropcap]n the last few weeks, I’ve really surprised myself.


Both times they were meals I wasn’t expecting to be particularly good. And both times, I was licking my bowl at the end.

You see my Irishman had been sick and so there was quite a bit of food in the fridge that normally he would have taken for lunches. So I made a pot of ‘refrigerator soup‘.

And invited my Dad over for a lunch of soup.

There was some leftover lamb shanks that had been slow cooked with cauliflower.

There was leftover beans, pork belly and sausage from my annual Bastille Day cassoulet.

There were some of my lovely lentils.

And a heap of my Secret Winter Greens that I’d braised with olives and preserved lemon.

And a few handfuls of leftover baby kale leaves.

So I just piled everything into a big pot.

Added 2 cups of my bone broth from the freezer.

Let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

Then served it steaming hot in big bowls with lots of shaved parmesan curls and a good drizzle of chilli oil.

Like I said, surprisingly delicious.

And so good not to waste any of those little bits and pieces.

Plus by giving these ingredient all a good boil, I was able to keep the leftover soup for the following week where I took it in a different direction by adding a heap of leftover pureed nettles and poaching an egg to make it more substantial.

Magic soup. Twice!

With love,
Jules x

ps. Of course I didn’t think to photograph either of my soups so the photo above is a different (yet still delicious!) mushroom soup. Recipe coming soon!

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  • Well, your refrigerator soup sounds fascinating Jules! Such a clever idea.
    Also curious what pureed nettles are…my knowledge of nettles are a stinging weed. Probably not what you are referring to (I hope?)!

    • Yes they’re the same nettles Mary!
      The sting is deactivated by cooking. They’re like a more intense version of spinach. And packed with iron and other minerals!

  • Great idea! I do something similar each week. Whatever is leftover goes into a pan with a can of coconut milk and a can of curry paste! I e made some strange but delicious curries!

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