CASE STUDY: Elizabeth
Don’t have a lot of time to cook?


“Before joining the SVCS my obstacle was spending money on something that makes me feel more frustrated and under accomplished. That it would be too complicated. I was worried it would just feel overwhelming.

I wasn’t sure the SVCS would be useful because I don’t have a lot of time to watch videos. I find cooking very complicated and I feel overwhelmed. So if I want to do a cooking school I want it to be something that would be really beneficial but not overwhelming because my life is overwhelming.

The first thing I did was The Organised Cook. I love that whole idea. Once I got started on that I was like ‘wow’ this is totally do-able. It framed things in a new way as far as being organised. An organised approach to cooking. Not so much recipes or meal planning but an organised approach to the cooking process. Doing things like cooking a big pot of something. I cook all my lentils and things like that.

I definitely feel more organised now. It built up my confidence.

I don’t have a lot of time to cook and I realised I could do a lot more and have a lot more on hand than I thought. Just cooking when I have time and having everything set up.

And I learned how to put things together. I have 6 different things in the fridge now and I can put them together in a really simple way.

The thing I really really like is the substitutions on the bottom. I’m not a huge meat person and there’s a vegetarian option and there are all these different substitutions. Things I would never think of.

My usual approach I’d look at a recipe and I’d be like, ‘I don’t have that, I don’t have that…I don’t have 7 things on this recipe’. Whereas your recipes don’t even have 7 things. So if I don’t have that thing, I know what else to put in its place. Or I can do something for the kids and make it different. That’s something I’ve really learned from your site.

I looove the videos. They look cool and they’re not too long.

I’m impatient and I really appreciate how you don’t have to watch the video, because you have the written. But I like that there’s nice short video that I can watch because sometimes I like to see the process. Its fun for me.

And I like the science behind it. So I learn why would you put some vinegar in there or that kind of thing. I’ve really learned a lot about that as well.

Another thing I love is the veggies you incorporate. I like how you make veggies really tasty. I’m a lot more likely to eat veggies the way you do them.

I would totally recommend classes at the SVCS.

My number 1. Favourite thing would be the simplicity of it. Because my favourite thing in life is finding simple things. Everything is simple but good. It’s not like ‘put a can of soup on this’. It’s good stuff. Healthy stuff that’s simple.

People like me would think ‘oh gosh that’s a lot of commitment’. I have people telling me all the time I don’t have time for that. But if I have time for it, honestly you have time for it.

The benefit of putting the time in to learn it saves you so much time. Just The Organised Cook alone has save me a tremendous amount of kitchen prep time, and just organising my plan. Organising my approach to cooking.

The payoff, where it might seem like ‘I don’t have time for that‘, you do. Because of the reward of saved time is worth it and it really benefits you in a lot of ways.”

ELIZABETH, SVCS Lifetime Member


ps. Like to try a simple approach to cooking?

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