The Easiest Way to Get More Variety in your Weeknight Dinners

(without spending hours surfing the net for recipes)

Fast-Roast-Fish-Miso Mayo-Recipe

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with new ideas for quick and healthy dinners?

Especially simple ideas for when you come home and you’re tired and hungry.

Well you’re definitely not alone.

Most of us struggle to keep things interesting and simple.

Especially for week night dinners.

So what’s the easiest way to get more variety?

It’s to commit to yourself to making one new recipe on a regular basis.

It could be every week.

It could be once a month.

The frequency isn’t important.

What is important is that you make it easy for yourself to take action.

How do I try new recipes without spending hours surfing the net?

Just focus on one source of recipes.

It could be your own imagination.

It could be a favourite blog (hello Stonesoup!).

It could be a favourite print book.

Or it could be my new eCookbook, ‘6-Ingredient Suppers’ that you have saved on your phone so it’s always with you.

Speaking of which…

The Simple Joy of
6-Ingredient Suppers

6 ingredient suppers cover

100+ weeknight meals-in-minutes for the busy home cook.

For more details

Have fun in the kitchen!

With love,
Jules x

ps. Not sure if ‘6-Ingredient Suppers’ will help you?

Here’s what Melissa, Elizabeth and Erica said about their experience…

“Thanks for the 6 ingredients cook book. I made your simple Kung Pao Chicken version for dinner this evening. I was a bit skeptical about how few ingredients there are. Wow – how wrong can a girl be! Hubby and I devoured it! He said “delicious” and he rarely says that when I cook. I added garlic as your optional extras suggested and it was sooooo yummy. Thanks Jules. This will make it to the rotation of meals in our plan.”
Melissa, 6 Ingredient Suppers Reader.

“The recipes are easy to make but suitable for company at the same time. The organization is fantastic, I love that it is sorted by main ingredient rather than by meal type. The videos are so helpful. The links in the index straight to the recipe are great.”
“Elizabeth, 6-Ingredient Suppers Reader.

“I love your new book 6-Ingredient Suppers. The variety of recipes and especially the variations and substitutes ensures that all health requirements are catered for. I also love the short list of ingredients as I usually avoid recipes with long lists.”
Erica, 6-Ingredient Suppers Reader

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