Are my recipes too simple?

Kale Caesar Salad

Have you been hesitating about trying a Stonesoup recipe?

Let me guess.

You’re worried they’re too simple.

I hear it from my meal planning members all the time…

“Your recipes sound almost too simple to be delicious. But then you start eating and every bite is better than the last.”
– Julie

“Sometimes it’s unclear if a recipe will taste good using so few ingredients, but it always does!!”
– Sarah

“I have spent my whole adult life in the culinary arts and at first I thought the simplicity of the recipes would be too simple.

Was I ever wrong!!!

I just made the kale chips with beef burger from this week’s meal plan. No stress or hours prepping.

Everybody loved it! “
– Carolyn

I get it.

I’ve been writing recipes with 6-ingredients or less for 10 years.

Yet sometimes I still think ‘it’s going to be too simple’.

But I try my idea any way.

And 90% of the time the simple recipe is the best.

I have very high standards.

I only publish the recipes that taste amazing.


I dare you to try a Stonesoup recipe this week!

What have you got to lose?

Download my free eCookbook over here.

Choose one recipe.

Get those ingredients.

Have fun in the kitchen!

And leave a comment below about your experience.

I’m excited to see what you cook up!

With love,
Jules x

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