2 powerful, often overlooked healthy eating mistakes

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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] H[/dropcap]ave you ever wondered why weight loss can be such a struggle?

Why so many of us find the battle of the bulge exactly that.

A battle.

Of course there are many factors at play.

Stress, activity, genetics, sleep, gut health to name a few.

However there are 2 common mistakes I see all the time.

Most people don’t even realize they are making them.

But if you avoid these, you give yourself a massive head start.

2 common healthy eating mistakes

1. Relying on willpower

If you’ve struggled to change to a healthier lifestyle in the past it was probably because you were relying on willpower.

The problem with willpower is we only have a finite amount of it.

It’s a limited resource.

For everyone.

So if you’ve been using your willpower all day to get through your work, your willpower supply is low when it’s time for dinner.

Which is why it can be so difficult to make healthy choices.

Especially at dinner when we’re tired at the end of a long day.

So what’s the alternative?


By cultivating healthy habits we avoid the need for willpower. So healthy behaviours become automatic.

And effortless.

Habits are the secret weapon in the weight loss battle.

If you’d like to learn more there’s a whole week devoted to habits in the daily lessons of my new book.

2. Ignoring psychology.

So many diet and lifestyle plans focus on what (and what not) to eat. And how much.

But they ignore one of the most powerful tools…

The human mind.

The more people I work with and the more I work on myself I’ve come to realize that the secret to success doesn’t depend on reaching a target number of carbs per day.

Or calories.

Or whether you choose to eat grains. Or not.

It all depends on your mindset.

Here’s an example…

One of my struggles has always been snacking and picking when I’m cooking. Especially dinner.

The thing that has helped me overcome this wasn’t adding in an afternoon snack (although that did help).

It was how I thought about my snacking.

I started using the mantra ‘I can wait’ whenever I feel the urge to pick. That one little thought is enough to change my behaviour.

I know it doesn’t sound like much.

But it’s surprisingly powerful. And effective.

Which is why there’s a whole chapter on mindset and psychology in my new book, ‘How to Love Your Waistline and Your Food‘.

Like some help using habits and psychology to get your waistline to a happy place?

Then I wrote my latest book for you :)


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‘How to Love Your Waistline and Your Food’

A food lovers guide to healthy
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In ‘How to Love Your Waistline and Your Food’ I’ll show you…

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  • A new approach to healthy eating + why it works.
  • 11 mindset management strategies + why psychology is more important than nutrition.
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  • 6 common reasons you’re not be meeting your health goals. And what to do about them.
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With love,
Jules x

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