My Top 3 Best Immune Health Foods

Immune Health Foods

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] H[/dropcap]as all this Coronavirus craziness made you think about your immune system? And what you should be eating. The best immune health foods?

Me to :)

Which is why I did a lot of research this week.

And created a new extra Immune Health bonus for my Simple Meal Plans members.

Here’s a tiny ‘taste’ of the things I shared in the bonus.

My 3 Favourite Immune Health Foods

1. Ginger

Has been used in Chinese herbal remedies for centuries. Turns out ginger contains substances which fight viruses [1]. Ship it in!

How to Eat More Ginger:

  • Ginger tea – infuse sliced fresh ginger in hot water.
  • Tomato based sauces – adds beautiful warmth and subtle spice.
  • Ginger oil (recipe below) – drizzle over everything from eggs to salads .
  • With garlic – wherever recipes call for garlic, add julienned or grated fresh ginger.

Simple Ginger Recipes:

2. Brazil Nuts

The best source of selenium. Selenium is a mineral used to make the antioxidant enzymes such as Glutathione Peroxidase [2] which in turn helps boost immune function.

How to Eat More Brazil Nuts:
I keep a jar on the dining table so we just add few nuts to our dinner every night. Super delicious too!

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain beta-glucans which raise the activity of the immune system. [3] Asian mushrooms like Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms contain higher levels of these beta-glucans [4], but they are present in common white and brown mushrooms as well.

Simple Mushroom Recipes:

More on Immune Health Foods

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You’re probably going to be cooking at home a lot more, so why not make it as simple and enjoyable and as healthy as possible?

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Have fun in the kitchen!

With love,
Jules x


[3] ‘Take Control of Your Health. Boost Your Immune System and Prevent Sickness’ by Ben Alexi

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