The Healthy Dinner
10-Day Challenge

healthy dinner challenge

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] S[/dropcap]ometimes I do the craziest things.

Like last month I decided I wanted to build the habit of having a cold shower every day.

I knew it would be hard.

So I created a star chart for myself to track my progress.

While I was drawing my Cold Shower Project star chart, my Irishman asked what I was doing.

He has been wanting to get back into exercise,

So he got me to make him a chart for his ‘Walkman Project’.

Long story short, I was blown away how motivating our charts were.

I completed mine 100%. There were some frosty mornings that I could easily have skipped the shower but I did it because I wanted to tick my chart more.

My Irishman went from zero exercise to walking 5 days a week.

It got me thinking…

Maybe it would be fun to have a ‘Healthy Dinner Project’ with my Simple Meal Plans members?

healthy dinner challenge

The Healthy Dinner Project
10-Day Challenge


(should you choose to accept it)
To cook 4-10 x Stonesoup dinners over a two week period.


13-26 July 2020


1. Leave a comment below saying how many meals you will make.
2. Join Simple Meal Plans over here.

It’s going to be fun!

There will be a prize for all Simple Meal Plans Members who completes the challenge!

And thankfully this message won’t self destruct ;)

With love,
Jules x

Q. Do I have to join Simple Meal Plans to participate?
If you want to make life as easy as possible, I highly recommend joining. That way you’ll have everything done for you. You’ll get the star chart to track your progress and the special Challenge Meal Plans. These include simple healthy 6-ingredients recipes, shopping lists, problem solving guides, recipe videos and waste avoidance strategies.

Using the challenge meal plans will make it much easier to complete the challenge and enjoy all the benefits of healthy simple home cooked meals. Plus if you join you’ll get the extra inspiration and motivation from engaging with me and the Simple Meal Plans community.

Q. Will everyone get a prize?
All active simple meal plans members who complete the challenge and cook the number of meals they committed to will be eligible for the prize.

Q. Can I use other recipes?
If you really want to of course. BUT one of the ideas of the challenge is to make life as simple and as easy as possible. So I recommend constraining yourself to only using the recipes in the Simple Meal Plans. There is magic in limiting choices.

More questions?
Just leave a comment below or email



  • Leave a comment, a question, an idea a mere thought — why not ? You will always receive a response, and perhaps it might put you on the road to becoming e really good chef.
    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and with Jules’s help, advice and friendly “encouragement” you can hardly go wrong!
    Good Luck to all involved and special thanks to Jules for all the time I have enjoyed being within the ever expanding circle.

  • Anything Jules does is fun and easy and allows you to get so much more out of food and cooking and to be effortlessly healthier. She gives a new dimension to what without her expert guidance can become a chore. I can’t recommend Jules’ courses and ideas and meal plans enough!

  • when it comes to cooking i’m very very lazy especially when i look at a recipe with twenty or more ingredients
    i’m always thinking how would jules cook this meal and then start reducing ingredients
    we will have visitors in july and have a little vacation so that i can’t take the challenge but i recommend everybody to take part because jules knows best to combine healthy meals and easy cooking –
    take part
    it would be great fun

    • I love that I’ve got you thinking about reducing ingredients Birgit!

      I’m essentially very lazy as well. :)

      Enjoy your visitors!

  • This morning, I was at the shops at 7am and had 3 Stonesoup meals cooked by 10:30am, washed up by 11am. That’s highly efficient, yay!

    Will give it a go. I can’t commit to how many meals I will make, though I will commit to a minimum number of 6 in the challenge, maybe more pending on how my working week goes.

    Thanks Jules

  • Hi Jules
    I live in the USA and have visited your website often. I am now staying in due to COVID-19 and I’ve gained the same amount of weight as your brother Dom! This challenge will hopefully put me back on the right track. I’m a little fearful. I must admit, that some of your recipes are a stretch for the American palate I’ve lived with all these years. However, I’m encouraged that these three things will help me: 1) your substitution list is priceless; 2) love the corrective suggestions if we find the dish doesn’t taste quite like expected and, 3) tips for avoiding waste is appreciated. So… I’m in…. and will aim for 6 out of 10.

    • Excellent Diane!

      You can do it!

      Definitely the substitutions will help you.

      Excited to hear how you find the recipes – Your American palate might just appreciate the change ;)

  • I have been thinking about cold showers myself! I decided to start with the meal challenge instead. :) I signed up for the meal planning. I’m looking forward to simple meals with seasonal ingredients.

    • Wonderful Melodee!

      The meal planning challenge will be fun – can’t say the same about the cold showers ;)

  • Jules: How far in advance of July 13 will we registrants be receiving the meal plan for the 10-day challenge and have access to the full choice of meals, shopping list, tips/suggestions/star chart, etc….. ?

  • I’m looking forward to the challenge, Jules! I am already enjoying Simple Meal Plans, as I don’t have to think as hard about what to have for supper! I love all the variations for ways to make the dish without dairy, or making it vegan, etc. Loads of helpful substitutions and tips! Thank you so much for all the time and thought you have put into each recipe. I have had to do a lot of hunting for recipes in the past, but your Simple Meal Plans just spread all the information right before my eyes. Even my pickiest eaters are satisfied! I am so glad I am utilizing your hard work and delicious recipes! Thank you so much!

  • I’m like you, I find a challenge motivating. Currently committed to 1m steps over 3 months. I reckon I could manage 3 dishes given that I’m trying to encourage my teen boys to be more adventurous.

  • Hi Jules
    I love your Simple Meal Plans – even hubby feels confident whipping up a healthy, tasty meal with your excellent recipes and suggestions. The shopping list is gold! Love your work!
    I can’t do the 10 meal challenge in July sadly but wish everyone all the best.

    • LOVE that Simple Meal Plans has your husband in the kitchen cooking as well Yvette :)

      You’ll have to join in next time!

  • I’m in! I will try to do 10 and push myself but perhaps 7 is more realistic!

    • Go Daphne! Focus on the 7 – it’s important to set goals you believe you can achieve. Our brains work better with concrete focus

  • Amazing tips and plans will surely discuss this with my husband would love to give it a try also sharing this with my friends and family as well for their reference.

  • So my ambitious goal…has been a bit to ambitious because corn season just hit. My favourite farmer opened his road stand last week and we have been having good old corn on the cob nightly ever since….
    But I also have managed to make:
    Cheesy Chicken
    Beef, Zucchini Cashew stir fry (lots of zucchinis these days too)
    Easy Spinach Feta Frittata
    Quick Steak and Rocket salad
    I’m still hoping to thump out Indian Spiced Omelette before the 10 days are done!
    In the meantime…gotta get back to the corn:)

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