A Fun Project!


[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] W[/dropcap]hen was the last time you cooked something new?

If it’s been a while (or even if it hasn’t),

I have a fun project for you this week…

1. Choose any Stonesoup recipe.

2. Buy ingredients + cook your chosen recipe.

3. Leave a comment below letting me know what you cooked to claim your prize.

I have an awesome prize (worth $29) for everyone who completes the project on time.

You have until Sunday 9th August 2020.

And there are bonus points if you have fun while you’re cooking ;)

Can’t wait to hear what you make!

With love,
Jules x

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    • Congrats on being the first to claim your prize Jacob! And so glad you liked the Saag – I made it without the chicken to have as a side to some Indian lamb on the weekend – such a fave.

      Will be in touch via email after the 8th with details about your prize :)

  • I made the Chickpea & Parmesan salad (one of the teaspoon salads) since it’s too hot to turn on the oven or stove top today. Such a refreshing, simple mix! I almost did the tuna version, but I’ll save that for another night.

    • Nice one Marlo!

      Hard to imagine it being too hot to cook when there was a big frost here in Australia this morning :)

  • Hello we too love the spiced cabbage & feta, lovely recipe & I’d never have put the ingredients together like this but so delicious, verity

  • I made the zucchini tortillas. Surprisingly easy to cook, and went well with fish and a coriander sauce.

  • I tried the Roast chicken with lemon and basil – used skinless thigh fillets ….. was very easy. Not sure if I should have used skin on to get it crispy. Also a lot of liquid came out – not sure if I did something wrong! Tasted great with the sauce.

    • Nice one Maria!

      If lots of liquid came out of the chicken it means it had been brined by your butcher / supplier. Which keeps it moist. You didn’t do anything wrong.

      And if you want crispy skin, it’s an option for next time :)

  • I made the Fast Friday Cheeseburger Bowls which was delicious.
    Only thing I left out was the zucchini (not a big fan of it).

    I had to call it FSCW — Fast Saturday Cheeseburger Bowls as Friday I just did not get to it :-D

  • I had planned on making Fast Friday Cheesburger bowls but I had mushrooms which needed to be used so I made Mushroom & Beans instead (https://stonesoup.mystagingwebsite.com/2016/03/03/what-fergals-mum-made/). I had some leftover bacon bits which I threw into the pan with the mushrooms and one chopped chilli (to satisfy the hub’s need for something spicy). I had forgotten how totally simple and irrestably yummy this dish was. Thanks for the challenge, Jules. xx

  • I made the Lemon and Basil Roast Chicken. As I took it to the table my 12 year old son said “Oooh, fancy chicken” so that will forever be what we call this recipe in our house ? Sadly, his comment threw me a bit (I’m not used to compliments in the kitchen) and I totally forgot to get a photo! Really simple to make but it looked super impressive.
    The lemon was a bit strong but the sauce really tamed it. Got to have lots of the sauce with it. I also did zucchini and broccoli but I preferred the zucchini. We will have this regularly now and experiment with different veg and carbs for fun.

  • Mushrooms on sale, swhy not make soup: perfect for cold winter nights? Swaped the frozen for fresh spinach, cream for milk & butter; all served with some toasted sourdough! Leftovers to boot :)
    (oops posted on the other page!! Doh)

  • I made the Magic Sausage and cabbage supper dish. I really enjoy the combination of sausages and cabbage. And mustard is a must for serving!

    • Oh yay for Sausage Suppers Christina! I actually have a new Sausage Supper recipe coming which I like just as much. Can’t wait to share it :)

  • First, I am a confirmed carnivore. But, went out of my comfort zone to try Chickpea Buddha Bowls and I am glad I did!! The tahini sauce was fantastic! I used smoked paprika and ground cumin on the chickpeas—delicious! All this on a bed of steamed baby spinach made for a very tasty and filling meal. I’ll do it again!!

  • Last night I made your Chicken and Fennel dish served on a bed of shredded spinach from our garden; tonight is the Fish Curry. Love using your recipes, so simple and quick. Thanks :)

  • I made the zucchini almond meal parmesan Pizza base. We love it. I add a little chili Nd salt as well as you suggested. Topped with Barilla tomato sauce , mozzarella cheese and some prosciutto. Really a terrific easy meal but quite substantial and not stodgy like regular pizza bases often are ( well for me anyway).

  • Oh! I made your Moussaka dish yesterday evening for dinner accompanied with a bold red wine, and although my husband is still coming to terms with my low carb diet (or maybe it’s safer to say ‘lower/reduced carb diet’), he said that this dish was the best one yet (I’ve been cooking lots of your dishes). We both loved it and had seconds!
    Thank you from Ireland ??

  • I made Pan Fried Tofu with Spiced Yohgurt coupled with broccoli. The spiced yoghurt was super on everything. It was easy and fast. I just have to remember to undercook the broccoli for my husband. Alas.

    I have learned so much from you, and I have become much more confident in experimenting with meals. Thanks so much for what you do and for your love for your family, cooking, food, and health.


    • Oh thank you for the kind words Natalie! I’d forgotten about that spiced yoghurt – thanks for the reminder :)

  • Hello! I made zucchini tortillas. They were pretty easy and reminded me of your broccoli bread. Which we also enjoyed. Since we avoid grains, it is nice to have a “vehicle” for sandwiches. I love the adaptability of your recipes.
    Thank you!

  • I made the Spiced Cabbage and Feta! Delish!!!! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!! I love your recipes!!!

  • Hi Jules:
    I made Salmon with Spiced Butter and Broccoli… super delicious! I added toasted raw macadamia nuts. It was the perfect combination of healthy and savory!
    The whole family loved it and it looked beautiful!
    Thank you

  • I made your broccoli and parmesan soup. I added a little garlic and onion to it and slightly more soy sauce (low salt). It was yummy!!

  • Living in the US and having a plethora of garden ingredients right now I made your spiced cabbage. My Dutchman loves meat so I added ground sausage. I had FUN cooking since it was a quick recipe and dirtied few dishes. We loved the unique flavors and found it a nice addition to our low carb meal plan. Thanks!

    • I’m so glad you had FUN Deb – that’s my dream to get everyone enjoying their time in the kitchen instead of seeing it as a chore :)

  • I made the Bloody Delicious Kale Bowls after buying a mixed box of organic veggies and I wondered what to do with the kale. My friend has been telling me forever about this recipe so I made it for lunch to see how I liked it. It was quick and easy and all my favourite flavours. It was satisfying and filled me up until dinner time!

  • Another vote here for the Spiced Cabbage and Feta. Had it as a side with pork chops and my dining companion (of 46 years) specifically commented on how yummy it was. Adding it to my go-to list of sides for sure!

  • I had an extra cauliflower from our farm box so I tried Chunky Cauliflower and Sausage soup with parsley oil (found it on your app!). I will definitely make it a again-so tasty!

  • We had a huge cabbage in our latest farmer’s market box and a tub of feta in the fridge, so I made your Spiced Cabbage and Feta recipe. Yum! My adult daughter asked for the recipe for future reference.

    • oh yay Nicci! I love your idea of steaming th eggs on the cabbage – I did it recently with salmon and loved it. But I like your egg idea even more :)

  • I made the Salmon Pistachio Salsa with Ginger Cream and WOW it was absolutely delicious and so easy to make.

  • I love Stone Soup recipes! Easy and usually I have the ingredients on hand. I love, love, love the Butter Chicken Curry and Simple Baked Meatballs. Both recipes are in constant rotation at my house. Recently, I made Balsamic Cabbage and Sausage (I even crisped the sage leaves). How such simple ingredients turn into a sublime meal never ceases to amaze me! Yum!

  • I recently found your web site – Made the Super Green Saag Chicken last night. Didn’t have cream, but a dollop of sour cream worked just fine. Thank you for keeping the list of ingredients manageable. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes – have ingredients for the Spiced Cabbage and Feta ready to go!

  • Whoops, I e-mailed in my answer, instead of commenting! Clearly not on my A Game.

    I haven`t cooked a NEW Stonesoup recipe lately, because we`re too busy cooking our Favourite Stonesoup recipes…

    My Mr. & I actually split the meal planning & cooking process. I find recipes, he chooses from new & old & makes the meal plans & grocery list. We split the actual prep & cooking.

    I have put new ones on the suggestions list, but this week he´s already booked ChinKiang Beef, Crunchy Garlic Chicken, and Kung Pao Chicken. We had Asian Spag Bol on Saturday.

    We´re stir-fry peeps. Don´t know if you could tell.

    He needs a little nudge to schedule the new stuff, but if I say it´s one of yours, he´s all in.

  • We just had the Taco Tuesday Bowls for a light lunch. I made them with black beans. They were a hit with all three generations. My almost two year old grandson really loved the black beans.

  • I made the Taco Tuesday bowls and it was delicious. I will definitely make them again.

  • I Love meat pies, so I cooked your Creamy Mushroom, Beef & Almond Pies. I added onions and chose your more substantial (carb lovers) substitution with puff pastry instead of the almond crust. I must say I was quite impressed with the result and will definitely add this recipe to my favorites. Thanks!

  • I had heaps of purple cabbage i wanted to use up so i made Darya’s Egg Fried Cabbage for breakfast. I used fish sauce instead of soy. It looked pretty horrible- the eggs turned a grey colour (i think because of the purple cabbage) but it tasted surprisingly really delicious! I will make this again!

  • I’m about to make a recipe of yours that I’ve made a number of times before – Chorizo With Chickpeas and Tomato, on page 239 of your “5 Ingredients 10 Minutes”, a book which I bought when it was released back in 2013, and have used LOTS since!
    At the moment, because we are in the At Risk age group, we are hunkered down at home and going out as little as possible. So, with limited access to missing ingredients in many recipes, this book is brilliant because there are SO many ideas for alternative ingredients. I’m so glad that I bought it way back then!
    I did manage to remember to get some chorizo in my supermarket order yesterday, and I have the other ingredients, so we’re all set.
    Looking forward to easy cooking, and a delicious dinner.
    Thanks, Jules!

    • oh wow Rhonda! So glad you’re still using the book. I really need to do another print book.

      Enjoy the chorizo and chickpeas – an oldie but a goodie :)

  • I made your Broccoli al Limone from the Stone Soup app – simply delicious! I bumped it up with some extra handfuls of baby spinach and the omnivores and the veggos in my family loved it. Thanks, Jules!

  • Hi, I cooked Baked Chicken and Lemon, but used limes as our tree gave us about 15 a few months ago ! It was very zingy, my 12 and 15 year old were a bit skeptical but it all disappeared, my husband and I liked it lots. Definitely on the list to make again.

    • ooh yum Julie. Lucky you having so many limes from your tree – mine gave about 8 this year and I thought I was doing well :)

  • Hello Jules!
    Greetings from Ireland. I just made your Kale Caeser Salad for my Saturday brunch. It was absolutely delicious! I think the kale really carries the caeser dressing, we lingered for quite some time over lunch yet the salad did not go flat or droopy. Poached eggs are marked as optional on your recipe but I think they are really necessary and add a delicious creaminess to the dish. I also toasted a handful of pine nuts and added for low carb crunch! Love your work, Olga

  • So most Friday nights the kids get a treat meal (pizza or pasta) in order that I can be experimental in the kitchen. I have to confess that I go to your recipes so that the food always looks amazing, tastes incredible and I don’t have to do that much work.
    So last Friday we had just got back from our holiday at the beach and I had none of the usual ingredients I would normally have in the house ……it was like kismet, there in my fairly empty fridge was a cabbage (it was red, but still a cabbage) and halloumi cheese. Bring on Halloumi & Cabbage Hash, what a treat. We will definitely be making this recipe again. Super YUM!

  • Hi Jules: I made the zucchini parmigiana and it was delicious! I’m going to try the zucchini tortillas next. Thanks for the recipe!

  • I made the Gorgeous Greens Tart today! I found it on the new app. It’s great, really satisfying!

  • Hi Jules,

    The Good Greens came in to my mailbox not so long ago. I have just finished cooking:) Yummy:) It never occured to me before to add soy sauce.
    I want to thank you for providing variations – this actually very helpful:)

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