Is Pulse Pasta Healthy?

is pulse pasta healthy?

Have you been wondering is pulse pasta healthy? If pasta made from chickpeas, beans and lentils is worth trying?

I must admit I was pretty excited to test it out last time I was using my continuous blood glucose monitor.

Here’s what I found…

How did pulse pasta taste?

While it did have a slightly ‘beany’ background flavour, it was happily gobbled up by my boys without question. I really loved the flavour and texture.

I served it with bolognese sauce which masked the beans.

Not sure if they would have enjoyed it so much with a milder sauce.

How did it impact my blood glucose?

From the graph below, my modest 80g (2.8oz) serve of cooked pasta with lots of bolognese sauce and a big green salad, didn’t cause any major spikes either after dinner at 6.30pm or during the night.

Pulse pasta dinner 6.30pm 80g cooked

However the my fasting results the next morning were higher than normal.

I found myself super hungry the next morning, something I don’t normally feel until lunch time.

So I don’t plan on eating pulse pasta often, however I will keep buying it for my boys.

Is pulse pasta healthy?

Like most things in life, it’s relative.

If you were going to have a big bowl of broccoli or cabbage instead, the veg would be a healthier.

But if you are going to be eating pasta anyway, then pulse pasta will give you more protein, fiber and less carbs.

So yes it is a healthier option.

However I recommend keeping your portions small.

Which pulse pasta?

The one I used was made from a mixture of beans, lentils and chickpeas which has the lowest carb content.

Mixed Pulse Pasta: 46% carbs
Chickpea Pasta: 57% carbs
Red Lentil Pasta: 58% carbs
Green Pea Pasta: 58% carbs
Standard Penne Pasta: 70% carbs

What about lectins?

If you have sensitivity to lectins, pulse pasta may not be a great option for you.

Although it is made by extrusion which exposes the lectins to high pressure and temperature which should be enough to destroy the lectins.

More on healthier carbs

What about you?

Have you tried pasta made from pulses? Are you interested in healthier carb choices? Let me know in the comments below…

With love,
Jules x

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  • Interesting article. I just ordered some chickpea pasta which I will pick up tomorrow. I chose it because it is higher in protein than anything else and readily available (the high protein wheat pasta I had been using is no longer easily available in the elbow form, and my husband needs that form for the microwave mac & cheese he makes pretty regularly for lunch. We just finished a box of red lentil pasta, which was quite good.

  • thank you for posting this! i eat various bean pastas when the craving for pasta becomes too great, so it’s nice to know how it affects one’s glucose levels :) what brand did you find that has mixed pulses? i usually only see single type here in the US

    • Glad you found it helpful Elizabeth!

      The one I found was San Remo – which I’m not sure is in the US.

      Just look for the one with the lowest net carbs in the nutritional info :)

  • I use my pressure cooker a lot. Being gluten intolerant I don’t miss out on one pot meat and veg dishes. With the addition of some yummy pulse pasta. The pulse pasta keeps its shape in the cooker for the required time to cook everything else. Regular gluten free pasta falls to bits. I am nearly eighty and enjoy easy tasty nourishing food. Pulse pasta has become one of my favourite ingredients. Caroline

    • Good to know it works in the pressure cooker Caroline!

      I’m loving pulse pasta for my boys – have stopped buying wheat based pasta.

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