This story made me cry…


Don’t you love when an email touches you on a deep emotional level?

Making you cry in a good way.

It happened to me recently when one of my Simple Meal Plans students, Maria reached out to share her story…

“For a number of years I had stopped cooking.

Then I went through breast cancer and a double mastectomy and everyone and their mother were telling me just how important it was for me to eat clean and lose weight. I had put on ten kilos during the last ten years to be sure.

I knew I wanted to lose weight but the thought of doing it out of fear did not sit well with me.

So, in a show of perfect maturity, I went a year past mastectomy eating mostly junk food as in delivery food (something I was not in the habit of doing) and putting on another ten kilos.

At some point I came across Stonesoup and I started perusing your recipes, Jules.

At the time I felt I wanted to get back to cooking but I could not find or make the time. What time I did have I spent looking for what to cook.

I liked how you simplified things and started experimenting with some of your recipes.

It did not take long to start looking at cooking very differently.

Still, I had trouble choosing one recipe!

Enter Simple Meal Plans!

Even if I rarely follow the weekly plan to the letter, knowing that I will like whatever I make made a big difference.

14 months and 14 kilos (less) later, I simply cannot stop talking about and sharing your work.

I now cook on a daily basis.

I have forgotten what it is to spend more than half an hour preparing a meal.

I have started inviting friends and family over for lunch or dinner much more as it takes a fraction of the time to prepare anything and I can spend more time with the ones I love when they come instead of over the stove.

I still spend a long time reading through your recipes not because I cannot choose but because I simply feel inspired and creative when I do it.

Your honest and real sharings have supported me more than once and I truly love to witness your growth through your work.

Thank you for helping me reconnect with my creativity in the kitchen and for regaining a healthier relationship with my body through food, without sacrificing taste in the process!”

– MariaK.

You could be like Maria…

Reconnecting with your creativity.

Gaining a healthier relationship with food. And your body.

Losing weight.

Getting compliments on how well you look.

Hope this inspires you to have fun in the kitchen.

With love,
Jules x

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