Episode 45.
6 Fun ways to Enjoy More Vegetables without Extra Prep

This episode explores:

  • Why more veg
  • More veg mindset
  • 6 Fun ways to Enjoy More Vegetables without Extra Prep
  • Bonus tips

Key Takeaway:
Only do this if you WANT. And if you want more ideas and recipes and a simple process to follow to help you build healthy food habits like eating more veg – join Joyful Cooking.


Recipe: Fermented Veg
Recipe: Simple Sauerkraut
Recipe: Indian Kimchi
Recipe: Kimchi
Recipe: 5-Minute Pickled Onions
Joyful Cooking: Simple Meal Plans
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  • Really good tips at the end, I just went to my farmers market here yesterday, the food looks amazing compared to regular produce, and, interestingly, almost all of the farmers selling their products actually look really, really healthy… so many of them looked so healthy in their face, skin and vibrancy, it was quite a shock.

    The salt tip was interesting as well, because I’ve been eating lots of vegetables and have occasionally noticed the bitterness. If one doesn’t eat salt, what can you do to change the bitterness effect?

    • Yay for the healthy farmers David!

      With salt – it really is the best thing to use – and a little bit makes a big difference. Any chance you could consider it?

      But if not fat helps so olive oil or butter – and these also help with absorption of nutrients in the veg so it’s a win win!

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