The Naturally Healthy Club


Have you ever wished you were one of those naturally healthy people?

You know, the type that isn’t thinking about food all day.

The type of person who just eats well automatically. Enjoys their meals. Stops when they’ve had enough. And moves on with their day.

Who has a wardrobe full of clothes that feel good.

Who doesn’t struggle with the ‘weight thing’.

As I’ve discovered, the secret to becoming a naturally healthy person is to THINK like one.

It really is that simple.

When we stop dieting, restricting and micromanaging how much we eat, magic happens.

When we start trusting ourselves to choose the types of foods that make us feel good both in the moment and afterwards…

When we listen to our bodies and learn to stop when we’ve had enough…

What once seemed impossible becomes reality.

We become that Naturally Healthy Person we’ve always dreamed of being…



The Naturally Healthy Club is a 6-month coaching group which gives you a personalized, simple, doable process to change your relationship with food so you enjoy eating well automatically and feel good in your clothes.


Here’s How It Works:

+ Weekly Group Coaching for 6-Months. Each week we meet over Zoom with a mix of core teachings and live coaching. These calls are recorded so you won’t miss anything.

+ 1:1 Strategy Session. If your application is successful, we’ll schedule a 1:1 session over Zoom to plan the best approach for your exact situation.

+ Private Online Community. Feel supported and inspired by like-minded people on the same journey. In a distraction-free (Facebook-free) private group using a simple platform called Circle.

+ 1:1 Private Mentoring via Online Chat. Get all the help you need over the whole 6 months via a private 1:1 online chat.

+ Personal Guidance + Mentorship. Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. I’ll guide you to experiment and listen to your body. Together we’ll develop your own personal approach for the best foods for your life and your health.

+ Private Podcast. So you can access the weekly call recordings on the go.

+ Optional Challenges. To make it easy and fun to take action.

+ A Money-Back Guarantee. You either get the results you came for or I give you your money back. It’s safe for you to do this.


Your Coach

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I’m Jules Clancy a former food scientist turned author and certified health coach. I’m also a huge food lover who has discovered a simple way to have a joyful relationship with food without sacrificing pleasure OR my waistline.

Join me in the Naturally Healthy Club so I can help you end the struggle, confusion and fear and instead find safety, peace and joy in your relationship with food.


Why the Naturally Healthy Club WILL work for You….

+ Simple Process. We follow a clear, simple DOABLE personalized process. So you aren’t wasting time and effort feeling overwhelmed or using strategies that aren’t effective. I’ll guide you through exactly what to do, step-by-step, so you’ll always feel in control of your progress. We’ll focus on one simple strategy. It will take 5 minutes a day. But it will give you disproportionate results.

+ New Skills. You’ll learn to listen to your body and stop ignoring your internal hunger and satiety cues so you naturally stop eating when you’ve had enough. Because cookies, cake and wine are delicious and can totally be a part of a healthy life when you trust yourself not to overdo it.

+ Overcome Emotional / Stress Eating. We learn how to actually experience and feel our feelings instead of using food or alcohol to cope. This gentle process is much less scary than it sounds.

+ No Restriction. We don’t diet or restrict in any shape or form. We don’t weight or count anything. There’s no list of forbidden foods. And it’s emphatically NOT a vegan diet. Because naturally healthy people don’t diet or follow crazy food rules. Instead I’ll guide you to decide what and how much to eat based on your internal compass of what feels best for your body.

+ Personalized Accountability and Support. It’s NOT a weight loss course where you’re on your own. It’s a coaching group with inbuilt accountability and personalized guidance to suit your exact situation.

+ Investing in Yourself. We all get the best results when we are accountable to someone. Investing gives extra motivation to follow through and actually make the changes you know you want and need to make.

+ Sustainable Long Term Results. We take 6 months to build healthy habits and change the way we think about food to become that naturally healthy person for good.

+ I am 100% certain I can help you so I’m happy to offer a money-back guarantee because I believe in you.


If You’re Ready To:

+ Become that naturally healthy person who eat wells automatically.
+ Enjoy a healthier relationship with food.
+ Stop overeating without restricting or feeling deprived.
+ Feel good in your clothes.

Complete the Application Form Below to Apply

We start 12th July 2021.
We work together for 6 months.
The investment is $199/month.


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NOTE: I do have a few 1:1 coaching spaces available now.
The rate is $999/month for 6 months. If you’re interested in working together email so we can set up some time to chat about the possibility.


“I went thru my clothes for the upcoming season. Was doing what I like to call “shopping in my own closet”. I have a whole new wardrobe because I now have things that haven’t fit me for several years! Shocked. What a pleasant surprise. I am down almost 20 lbs from our start in November. My BMI is in “normal” (healthy) range. Oh course, I am thrilled about this but mostly, I believe it is possible to co-exist with ENJOYING food and not feeling bad about something I ate.”

– Joan



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