pot roasted pears with marscapone panna cotta

minimalist desserts

little baileys cheesecakes

stewed apples

4 ingredient berry souffles

little cookies & cream cheesecakes

clancy family pavlova

hot chocolate ‘affogato’

fresh dates with blue cheese

not-so-minimalist desserts

tart au citron

apple, chocolate & hazelnut crumble

rice pudding brulee with poached prunes

bread & butter pudding

mum’s legendary lemon meringue pie

fig & walnut pavlova with yoghurt sour cream

little summer puddings

baked cheesecake & fig tart

verjuice poached peaches with olive oil icecream

roasted apricot & ricotta tart

roast bananas with dulce de leche icecream

chocolate souffle with dulce de leche

date & brandy bread pudding

rhubarb & macadamia crumbles with super vanilla icecream

marscarpone panna cotta with pot roasted pears

pot roasted pears

roast banana tart tatin

fig & almond tart

double baked chocolate puddings with chocolate sauce

poached quinces with yoghurt

passionfruit creme caramels

little passionfruit cheesecakes with marscarpone

pistachio nougat

pistachio nougat icecream

vanilla creme brulee

lemon posset with almond bread

little ricotta & honey tarts with rosemary scented icecream

cream ‘hearts’ with mixed berry compote

semolina yoghurt cakes with cardamom icecream

chocolate ‘herion’ cake with malted chocolate icecream

ginger brulee tartlets

pear & pecan crumble

hot raspberry souffle with rose petal cream

marsala poached honey pears with brown bread icecream

vanilla panna cotta with baked rhubarb

fig & whisky bread & butter pudding with sourcream icecream

little almond puddings with marsala poached prunes

honey baked quinces with macadamia & date stuffing & cinnamon icecream

warm chocolate & pecan puds with hot chocolate sauce & homemade vanilla icecream

apple & blackberry pie

chai marsala poached prunes with burnt honey icecream