The Best Simple Furikake Substitutes

furikake substitutes

Excited to enjoy some Japanese food but don’t have any Furikake? I’ve got you covered. Here are my favourite simple Furikake substitutes.

What is Furikake?

Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning that can be used to season food before cooking or sprinkled on at the table.

It’s made from white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, salt, nori flakes (seaweed), sugar, chilli, orange peel and Sichuan pepper.

The major flavours are nuttiness from the seeds and savouriness from the seaweed. And aromatics from the orange and Sichuan pepper.

The Best Simple Furikake Substitutes

1. Salt + Sesame Seedss

My first choice is to just sprinkle on some sea salt (preferably sea salt flakes) and some toasted sesame seeds. This will give you the visuals and nutiness of furikake.

2. Salt + Sesame Seeds + Nori

If you want a closer match, adding some toasted nori sheets (seaweed) that have been finely chopped (I use scissors) will add extra savoriness.

3. Schichimi Togarashi

If you happen to have Shichimi Togarashi another Japanese sprinkle, it can be used. It will be hotter than Furikake but will be so full of flavour you won’t notice the difference.

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