Roasted Pepper Salad
Double Duck Breast with Baked Figs and Duck Liver Toasts
Panna Cotta

I adore figs and duck so was super excited about this one. And it totally lived up to expectations for a Sunday night fire side supper with my Irishman…

Roasted Pepper Salad

So I had a little shopping list ‘fail’ which meant I came home with no red peppers. Luckily we had loads of home grown cherry tomatoes so they made an easy plan B.

The resulting ‘salad’ was more of a sauce but so so yummy!

Double Duck Breast with Baked Figs and Duck Liver Toasts

Loved the idea of tying two duck breasts together to make a mini roast. Not only did it look impressive, they tasted amazing as well with their accompaniment of baked figs and thyme. So good!

I was planning to use some home made pate from the freezer to make the duck liver toasts but decided we didnt need it. And to be honest I really wanted a salad with my duck instead. Even though we had the pepper / tomato salad, a girl needs her greens.

The rocket (arugula) and radicchio salad I served was just what we needed.

Panna Cotta

While I love panna cotta, it’s not a dessert I serve very often because I’ve had some bad experiences cooking with gelatine. What can I say. It makes me nervous.

I normally use leaf gelatine because it’s meant to be more reliable and less likely to be lumpy. But David called for powdered gelatine so I got myself a bottle and crossed my fingers.

Happily the results were delicious with just the right amount of ‘wobbliness’. Definitely planning on a repeat performance of this one.

And I should note I used cream instead of half-and-half because the latter isn’t available in Oz. And because I believe you can never have too much cream! I also used a little granulated stevia to sweeten because I was having a month without sugar. All to good effect!

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