Best Simple Sriracha Substitutes

Best Simple Sriracha Substitutes

All out of spicy Sriracha hot sauce? All is not lost! Here are the best simple Sriracha Substitutes.

What is Sriracha?

It’s a smooth red commercial hot sauce with a very hot spicy sweet flavour.

As the pack says… Sriracha, made from sun ripened chiles, is ready to use in soups, sauces, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers chow mein or on anything to add a delicious spicy taste. I think of it like ketchup for adults.

The ingredients on my bottle include: Chilli (83%), Sugar, Salt, Garlic (4%), Acetic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bisulphite and Xanthan Gum. CONTAINS PRESERVATIVES.

If you’re looking to eat low carb / keto, sriracha does contain 10% sugar.

3 Best Sriracha Substitutes

1. Tabasco / Other Hot Sauce

Mostly when using sriracha you are just wanting the heat and not necessarily any sweetness. So Tabasco (or any other hot sauce you have in the house) would be my go-to substitute.

2. Ketchup + Tabasco Hot Sauce

Tomato ketchup has the similar sweetness but it doesn’t have any of the chilli heat in Sriracha.

Combining Tabasco or other hot sauce with ketchup adds both the heat and the sweetness that comes from Sriracha.

For 1 teaspoon sriracha substitute 1/2 teaspoon each ketchup and Tabasco (or other hot sauce).

3. Chilli Bean Paste

This Chinese hot sauce also has chilli as the number one ingredient. So will add a similar kick and hint of sweetness to your dish. Although chilli bean paste tends to be more salty so it isn’t an exact match.

Is Sriracha vegetarian?


More Ingredient Substitutes

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Have fun in the kitchen!

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