My Best PARIS Restaurants (for lovers of BIG flavour)

Looking for the most delicious places to eat in Paris? Love big explosions of flavour? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for my favourite best restaurants Paris.

I’d forgotten just how much I love Paris. I kept catching myself thinking ‘I’d love to live in Paris for a while’.

At the very least I hope to return again soon…


My Best PARIS Restaurants

Holybelly Cafe – 11e

I love the mantra at Holybelly that ‘it’s good because we care’. They even have it printed on their mugs! Awesome coffee and a creative menu. My top pic for bunch.

Holybelly Cafe Website 11e

Rose Bakery – Pigalle

Ever since I picked up a copy of the Rose Bakery book, I’ve been dying to go here. Love the format of having big salads, tarts and cakes all displayed out the front, similar to Ottolenghi in London. And the good news is that even with lofty expectations, I wasn’t disappointed. So much so that we ate lunch here 2 days in a row.

Rose Bakery website


It can be hard to get a seriously good coffee in Paris so if you’re craving a proper ‘flat white’ or ‘long black’ Boots Cafe comes recommend by my chef mate Louis. Unfortunately the tiny space (which I walked past 3 times before figuring out I had actually found it) was packed. And I was in the mood for sitting down and Journalling so I had a surprisingly excellent ‘Americano’ at the cafe across the road. Pontochoux cafe next door. Incidentally if you’re into Japanese ‘curry’ (which I decidedly am NOT) the Pontochoux team have a Japanese curry restaurant next door.


My Best PARIS Restaurants

Clamato – 11e

They don’t take bookings so either come early or late. I opted for a late lunch after a serious morning of shopping. I couldn’t think of a better way to pass an afternoon than hanging at the Clamato bar with my journal, a glass of champagne (or 2) and some of the best raw seafood I’ve ever had the pleasure of savouring. Highlights were a multitude of oysters, my first ever raw clams, raw sea bass with preserved cumquats and a deep fried eggplant with tahini sauce lashings of fresh mint and surprise salty chunks of anchovy. Basically everything was a highlight.

If you’re not a seafood fan Clamato isn’t for you. Although their bread with paprika butter was worth allowing some valuable stomach space for.

Next time I’m totally going to be more organized so I can get a reservation at Septime next door.

Clamato Website

Le Comptoir – 6e

A classic bistro near Odeon metro station with tiny tables sandwiched outside, you really know you’re in Paris when you’re eating here. It can be difficult to get a reservation for dinner unless you’re staying at the hotel. So the best bet is to join the queue of people waiting for tables for lunch from midday.

UPDATE: My Irishman and I headed straight to Le Comptoir for an early dinner during our honeymoon. The ‘no bookings’ policy extends to weekend dinners. Happy to report this old favourite totally lived up to expectations!

Le Comptoir website


My Best PARIS Restaurants

Bar Martin – 11e

Don’t be fooled by the lack of sineage and the ramshackle appearance – the food at Martin is totally worth travelling half way around the world for. From my Fish Rillets to start to the smoky Grilled Sardines with Squid Ink Sauce to the uber simple goats cheese drizzled with extra virgin olive oil every dish surprises and delights.

This is a sister restaurant to the classic shared plates Au Passage. I was super happy I ventured out of my comfort zone to dine here instead of sticking with what I knew and loved. No bookings.

Bar Martin website

Au Passage – 11e

A funky little place in the 11eme focusing on shared plates. LOVED the food here – just my style. Simple, produce driven and damn tasty. If you’re like us and aren’t organized enough to get a booking, rock up at 8pm to snag one of the spots at the bar.

Au Passage Website 11e

Pompette – 9e

Louis, my Aussie chef mate who gave me the hot tips for this Paris jaunt said he hadn’t eaten at Pompette bit highly recommended because not was owned by friends of his. I’m so glad I took that as a sign to head to Pompette pronto. They take bookings and the menu is in English which felt a little like cheating BUT in a good way

Another shared plates meal where every dish was superb and I did secretly wish my dining ‘companion’ aka my journal had more of an appetite so I could have tried more dishes! Next time.

Pompette Website

Bambino – 11e

My Irishman first introduced me to the Instagram feed of this super cool vinyl playing wine bar. No bookings so get there early. The crowd is touristy (mostly Japanese) but the tunes are smokin and the food even better than I was expecting.

If they have the beets on the menu definitely order them! They’re toasted in the wood fired oven and have that perfect balance of smokiness and earthiness punctuated with crunchy toasted oats, aromatic purple basil and a luscious taleggio cream sauce.

Bambino Website

Le Bistrot Paul Bert – 11e

For another real Parisian bistro experience, Paul Bert is the goods. Love that on their menu they tell you their red meat is only served rare or ‘sangnee’. Don’t even think of ordering a well done steak here. The foie gras with blackberries and the desserts were a highlight. I got serious food envy of my Dad’s heavenly dessert souffle.

Bistrot Paul Bert website

Vivante – 10e

A rustic and edgy wine bar come restaurant. Love the set menu where they just keep bringing tasty morsels. Highly recommend going with their wine pairings – some delicious interesting vino from small producers. Last visit was in 2016.

Vivante Website


My Best PARIS Restaurants


They’re completely overpriced and never as good as my friend Suzie’s but it’s hard to resist the super pretty packaging.

Yann Couvreur

I stumbled onto this gorgeous Patisserie while shopping in le Marais near my hotel. Even though I’m not a super sweet tooth I couldn’t resist trying their desserts ina jar – loved my vanilla & hazelnut layered treat. Next time I’m going to get one of the impossible chunky chocolate and hazelnut cookies.

Yann Couvreur Website


Paris restaurants on my List for Next Time

Pierre Hermé
For another macaron experience.

Chateaubriand or Le Dauphin
Bookings are a must at these two uber popular places. The former more restaurant the latter more bar with food.

Apparently the hottest place in town at the moment which explains why we couldn’t get a reservation! Next time I’ll be more organized.

Septime Cave
More casual wine bar from the Septime crew.

Le Verre Volé and Aux Deux Amis
More wine bars that are also serving interesting food in the Vivant vibe – casual with a focus on deliciousness.

Le Servan
A place that has boudin noir wantons on the menu. Need I say more!

Clown Bar
One of those casual wine bars that just happens to do amazing food – my type of place.

And these from my chef mate Louis

  • Le Saint Sebastien
  • Le Cave a Michel
  • Le Grand Bain
  • Las du Felafel (Israeli street food – lunch)
  • 12Noon – same as above but different
  • Du Pains et Des Idees – bakery
  • KB Cafe – coffee + breakfast
  • Le Mary Celeste – drinks / light dinner


Where to Stay in Paris

Hotel Duo – Le Marais

I loved staying in this boutique hotel in the Marias. Super central and a fab neighboour hood to walk around and explore. Right next to the Hotel de Ville Metro station so a great place to base yourself.

Mama Shelta – 19e

IF you’re looking for cool design without a huge price tag and don’t mind being a little further out of the action. Mama Shelta is a fun place to stay.

The Lancaster Hotel – 8e

Frank Sinatra sings about the Lancaster Hotel but that’s not why we stayed here. It was the only place available when my Irishman and I were in Paris way back in 2012. IT was a big splurge at the time but we loved the old school elegance and the central location just off the Champs Elysee.

Thanks to

Chef Louis from Onzieme who loves Paris so much he named his restaurant in CAnberra after the 11th arrondissement, Pat Nourse, Clotilde Dusoulier and the guys from for their recommendations.

More restaurant recommendations (from all around the world) see the Stonesoup Guide to Tasty Travel.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Paris as much as we did!

If there’s something I’ve missed – please email and let me know

Jules x

Updated: 11 November 2023

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