Want to Try Eating Local?

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] I[/dropcap]’m not going to lie.

The first time I heard about ‘locavores’ – people that only eat food from a certain distance from their home, I thought it was a bit ‘out there’.

Why would you limit yourself like that?

But recently I’ve been inspired to have a change of heart.

My favourite food blogger, Andrea from Dishing Up the Dirt is having a ‘Local Thirty’ challenge in September where she’s planning to only eat food grown in a 200 mile radius of where she lives.

When she first mentioned it, I started my usual reaction…

But as she explained how the purpose was just to learn more about where her ingredients come from.

And to feel more connected to her local community.

I was inspired.

And after not being able to get the idea out of my head for weeks, I’ve decided to join in for my own ‘Local Thirty’.

My ‘Local Thirty’ Plan (so far)

  • 30 Days – September 2018
  • Shop at the farmers market every week
  • Eat food produced in my state (NSW / ACT) – it’s more than 200 miles but saves me looking at a map to calculate distances every time I come across a new producer!
  • 10 ‘exception’ ingredients that can come from anywhere in the world (to be decided!)
  • Write about the experience on Stonesoup

Will you join me?

It could be just for a week.

Or even for just one meal.

The point it to bring some awareness to where your food comes from. And hopefully discover some delicious surprises along the way.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below…

More on ‘local thirty’ month

Have fun in the kitchen!

With love,
Jules x

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  • I would love to do that kind of challenge, but unfortunately I live in the desert, where it is difficult to get anything locally grown (unless you eat cotton… the main crops in my area are cotton and pecans, which don’t exactly make a great diet). I did find and buy some local honey recently, but that’s about as good as it gets here.

    • Yes the desert would be hard Susan

      What if you expanded to include neighboring states? You might be surprised.

      That cotton would have a lot of fiber though ;)

  • Since it’s summer my eating local quotient is much higher. I get a CSA box every week, go to the farmers market for what’s missing, in a week I’ll get my annual chickens from a local farmer and this year for the first time, also goat meat. My eggs come from a local farmer. My canned tomatoes are canned in my province year round, and my coconut milk – well, what can I say – it’s distributed by a local company. I buy my curry spice blends from a local family run company but of course they import the spices. They make a mean Rogan Josh paste.

    My life right now is too hectic to add any special actions but I’m with you Jules, it feels really good to know where my food comes from. Besides the chicken is so much better than what I can buy in a store. And I love the multi coloured eggs.

    • Lovely to hear from you Miriam!

      Sounds like you’re all over the local thing…

      I’ve decided to limit my spices to local stuff which means things I can grow so coriander seed, fennel seeds and chillies. I wonder if I’ll be craving your Rogan Josh by the end of September?!

      And you’re right – chicken from the farmers market is soo much better

  • I love this idea! I would love to participate in September, but in Alaska the Farmers Markets are starting to wind down. Maybe I can try it in August.

  • Sounds intriguing. I have been thinking more about local eating recently and supporting my local farmers. I would like to try it and September is far enough away to do the planning I need. Sounds great!

  • Hi Jules, I currently do this, I’m very fortunate to live in a coastal rural area so I buy my fruit, veggies, beef, chicken, kombucha, cheese, dairy and eggs from farmers markets we have a local company who do smoked meats also with locally grown beef and pork. I do realise I am very fortunate. I buy Australian tea, anything else like coconut oil, meal, creamed coconut etc from free trade organisations, All my bulk goods come from the Health food store and since I am grain free that is limited anyway.
    If I do go to the supermarket I dont buy anything with numbers on the packaging.
    Do I sound like some sort of freak..?
    I am 71 years old, I have had some serious health problems in the past so this is my way of trying to stay healthy, deal with joint pain and live a happy life.

    For all of that I am still battling a weight problem, I try to do Keto but am not really disciplined with checking the carb count on my vegetables which is not good. Today I am going to join a local gym and see if I can improve flexibility and reduce the back pain.

    Apologise for the rant. I wish you all the best and am happy to join in the September local thirty. I love the idea..thank you for bringing this front and centre..!
    Best wishes,

  • ps, how ungrateful am I!! I love your recipes and follow your newsletters each time. Thank you..!!

    • Not ungrateful at all Del!

      Lovely to hear from you. And you sound like my type of freak :)

      Look forward to hearing how you get on with your local thirty


  • I will do this! For the last few years I have been relying on freezing my garden produce and farm stand goods for eating local. I hope that counts! We have a small chest freezer in the basement so I can freeze our tomatoes whole or chopped – no cooking. I blanch, vacuum seal, and freeze the green beans, summer squash, chard, snap peas, tomatillos, peppers, herbs, etc. I buy other produce from the farm stand: winter squash, beets and carrots which will keep a long time. It’s a bit of work, but really not awful. Other food, like meat and dairy might be a little challenge. So, yes!

  • Like Delwyn’s comments above, I too must watch every food eaten. Living in coastal Tasmania I’m fortunate to eat majorly of foods produced well within 200kms. So I’ll certainly join in the ‘locavore’ eating challenge. Also in my 70s, I’ve enjoyed using & experimenting with S/soup recipes. However, must now eat few green vegetables. Amazing how body is responding to special root vegetables regime with increased use of coconut oil & butter, ground beef, & chicken.

    • Yes eating within Tassie would be a bigger challenge Cimmie!

      I’m curious about your need to eat few green vegetables… What’s driving that?


  • Jules, you have inspired me with your challenge. I have thought of being more diligent in my ‘localvore’ practices but I have been lazy. I will be hitting my local markets for my shopping for the rest of the summer/fall.

    • Wonderful Michele!
      I think shopping at the local markets is the easiest way to eat more local without any effort. PLus you’ll end up with better tasting produce (and if your market is like mine) it will be cheaper as well!

  • Great idea. I get a fortnightly box of local vegetables. Would be a challenge for everything. I think there would be health benefits as I always buy my local honey for this reason. I couldn’t say I could commit for a month because like others I have a very busy lifestyle
    Willing to give it a try.

    • I’ve only allowed myself things I’ve grown locally so coriander seed, fennel seed and chilli Jenny… but you could always include spices in your exceptions if you wanted to.


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