2 Simple Ways to Eat More Fish

Fast-Roast-Fish-Miso Mayo-Recipe

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] A[/dropcap]re you trying to eat more fish?

But not actually enjoying delicious pescetarian meals as often as you’d like.

I used to be in that boat.

Especially since I’ve been living in the country.

Without the Sydney fish markets on my door step.

But in the last year, we’ve consistently enjoyed fish at least once a week.

Here’s how…

2 simple ways to eat more fish

1. Keep Fish in Your Freezer

I used to think that frozen fish wasn’t as good as fresh.

But then I started freezing my own. It’s been a game changer!

Whenever I go to the fish markets I get more than I need. And freeze the extra.

Just as easy and effective as freezing meat.

I’ve also experimented with commercially frozen fish.

While I haven’t found a brand that’s been as good as my home frozen efforts.

Some has been good.

Definitely better than no fish!

2. Include fish in your meal plan.

You can do this on your own.

Just decide that one night a week you’ll have fish. And plan accordingly.

OR you could follow my Simple Meal Plans, like I do.

That way you’ll have your meal planning done-for-you.

With a new delicious simple fish recipe to try each week.

Making the conscious decision is key.

Simple Fish Recipe Ideas

And don’t forget to have fun in the kitchen!

With love,
Jules x

ps. Wondering if Simple Meal Plans can help you?

Here’s what Kamila said about her experience…

“The investment to the meal plans felt like a little luxury.

But I went for it when I realized that following weeks will be extremely exhausting.

It seems really worth it already.

Plus it inspired me to skip all sugar and most carb bombs.

It’s been two weeks since I left carbs and now even the worst part of my eczema is starting to seriously heal.

And I stopped to be irritated (that appreciates especially my boyfriend).

Without your meal plan, I would never be able to change the way of my cooking that smooth and fast way.

I owe you a big thank you.”

– Kamila

For more details about Simple Meal Plans, click here.

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