The secret to appetite peace

appetite peace

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] M[/dropcap]ost of my coaching clients come to me with similar problems…

Something I’ve struggled with myself.

Stopping when they’ve had enough.

They feel out of balance.

Like they’ve lost the connection to their internal hunger and satiety cues.

But as I’ve discovered on my own journey.

And guiding my clients through theirs,

Finding peace with your appetite isn’t as hard as you think.

The secret to appetite peace

1. Reduce carbs.

If you’re eating a lot of processed sugar and flour, it’s practically impossible to moderate your appetite.

For most people just cutting out sugar and flour of all types is enough.

It’s like a magic switch.

When you remove refined carbs, your appetite suddenly becomes manageable.

Not sure?

Try an experiment of no sugar or flour for 5 days.

The results will speak for themselves.

Some people, especially those like me who have poor blood sugar control, will need to restrict carbs further.

So if you’re still struggling after the sugar / flour-free experiment, the next step is to go no fruit (apart from berries), no grains of any type, no legumes and no root veg.

2. Eat proper meals.

If you’re constantly snacking or your meals are erratic, it’s hard for your body to know much it needs each time you eat.

By eating proper meals your body learns to relax and stop trying to grab more and more food.

3. Improve your sleep.

I’ve been low carb for about 7 years.

And always eat regular meals.

So my appetite has been in a happy place for a long time.

Until I had a few months of sleepless nights.

My insomnia had a dramatic impact on my appetite.

The opposite of appetite peace!

But now that I have 27 nights of good sleep (yes I am counting) under my belt, my appetite has thankfully returned to a peaceful equilibrium.

What about you?

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Have fun in the kitchen.

With love,
Jules x

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