How to change the way you think about cooking

Spiced Cabbage & Feta

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] H[/dropcap]ere’s something that made me smile…

Hi Jules,

I have been following your blog since way back in your pre-kids Sydney days.

When I discovered it you changed the way I thought about cooking.

Your blog is the one I send people to when they want simple dinners, or dairy free ideas, or low carb ideas.

I use your app when I am searching for dinner inspiration.

Your approach to food has turned many nights from we-have-nothing-to-eat-let’s-get-takeaway nights into I-can-produce-a-yummy-dinner-from-the-few-things-we-have-in-the-pantry nights.

Your blog and app are lifesavers.

I made pasta with bolognese sauce tonight for my carb-loving husband and kids. I didn’t want to do gluten free pasta, so I did some cabbage for me.

I picked up a bag of frozen shredded cabbage the other day and it was so easy. I cooked it with some butter and fennel seeds and because I had frozen sliced zucchini I added some of that.

Then I wilted some baby spinach leaves in at the end. With some bolognese sauce and grated cheddar on top it was so delicious – as tasty as pasta without the horrible bloated drag afterwards.

I have been doing my version of abundance bowls for lunch, too.

Your blog and app are giving me success where I have failed a lot in the past.

Thanks for all you do.


I loved this message from Rita.

It’s my lifes mission to help people change the way they think about cooking.

That it need not be complicated.

Or time consuming.

That it’s easy to enjoy all the benefits of simple wholefoods.

And of course that it’s totally an option to have fun in the kitchen!

You just need some simple quality recipes.

Which is what Stonesoup is all about.

With love,
Jules x

ps. Need more simple dinner inspiration?

Then check out the Stonesoup App!


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