How to make home frozen vegetables (and fruit)

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The world sure is a funny place at the moment.

Shortages on flour, rice, pasta and frozen veggies.

An abundance of fresh produce.

So it’s to normal eating if you’re a fan of fresh wholefoods like me.

Except for one little problem.

That pesky global pandemic which means we’re being advised to shop as infrequently as possible.

But as always there is another option.

I’ve been using my freezer to make home frozen vegetables and fruit.

How to make home frozen vegetables

1. Wash and prep your veg.
Generally I like things chopped into bite sized pieces because they’ll freeze and defrost quicker. But it’s up to you.

If you want to pop a whole eggplant into the freezer you can.

2. Cook your veg (optional).
While cooking first isn’t essential, I prefer it because the veg are then ready to use when I want them. Plus cooking first deactivates enzymes and decreased the microbes present so the veg will last longer.

For things like broccoli, beans, broccoli and greens I like to steam / boil them in a few centimeters (an inch) of salted water.

Cabbage I like sauteed like this (without the egg)

For most other veg I like them roast. Like this ratatouille, or this cauliflower or these mushrooms.

3. Cool your veg if they’ve been cooked.
If you freeze them hot it puts extra load on your freezer plus the steam will be collected as frost which will make your veg more watery when defrosted.

If you’re in a hurry you can plunge the cooked veg into a bowl of chilled water. But I generally don’t bother.

5. Place in freezer proof containers (or ziplock bags).

6. Pop in the freezer.
Where your veg will last for months and months (if not years!)

How to make home frozen fruit

1. Wash and dry your fruit.

2. Place in freezer proof containers (or ziplock bags).

3. Pop in the freezer.

Too easy.

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Have fun in the kitchen (with your well stocked freezer!)

With love,
Jules x

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