The No 1. Problem with 6-Ingredient Recipes

Feta & Meat Balls

Can you guess what the biggest problem with my recipes?

My delicious, low carb, whole foods, simple 6-ingredient recipes?

The problem is people think they’re too simple.

So they hesitate to try them.

But when they do, it’s magical.

Like one of my students Deb…

“When you said today (in the webinar) that sometimes people don’t try your recipes because they appear too simple, you are so right Jules.

It’s an oxymoron but true, we (I) stick to what I know and are comfortable with.

I have enjoyed so many different flavours from using your recipes these last 2 weeks.

My weekly meal plans will now be more of your recipes and less of my old faithfuls – thank you Jules”

Or then there’s Marjorie …

“At first I really doubted that we would like it. Or that it would taste good because of the limited amount of ingredients.

But I followed it. And I was surprised that everything tasted good. It was delicious!

I made everything like you said, even if I thought, we are not going to like this recipe.

It’s pretty amazing, but my husband and I have liked every single meal.

I’ve heard him talk about Simple Meal Plans to people and he says, You read the recipe and you doubt it’s going to taste good — but it ALWAYS does!

He gets very excited now to see what’s in store for the week.”

What about you?

Have you avoided trying my recipes because they’re different to what you’re used to?

I dare you to try one this week.

You just might be surprised ;)

With love,
Jules x

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