Episode 107. The Life-Changing MAGIC of Cooking Without Recipes

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 phases of cooking mastery
  • Why skills matter
  • The 2 un-skip-able cooking skills
  • One 10-second trick to start tiny..

To experience the life-changing magic of cooking without recipes for yourself – Join me in Joyful Cooking.

It’s my group coaching program where I help you learn to cook without being glued to a recipe so you are able to look in the fridge and whip up something enjoyable.

I’m only running one group in 2023. For more details see the Joyful Cooking Invitation Page.

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  • I am very tempted to try your “Cooking Without Recipes” method. I am not a good cook, and I don’t want to waste good food, so I may still need a recipe. Thanks anyway.

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