Episode 122. Gorgeous and Inspiring at Every Size with Marissa Kennerson

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Today I have a special guest! Marissa Kennerson fellow author and podcast host of Age Thoughtfully and one of my clients. I won’t spoil the surprise – let’s dive into this fun chat I had with Marissa…

If you’re like Marissa and you’ve already done the work to accept yourself (or even if you aren’t 100% accepting) AND you want to lose weight with ease and joy so your clothes fit again. Then come and play with us in the Naturally Healthy Club.

Yes I said play.

You don’t actually have to do anything radically hard.

It’s just a matter of making intentional choices and listening to your body.

Let me help you be like Marissa.

To find out when applications are opening get on the waitlist see the Naturally Healthy Invitation Page.

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