Want to simplify eating healthier?

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I’m Jules Clancy, a former food scientist turned cookbook author and meal planning expert. Taming my diabetes and PCOS with simple, low carb wholefoods.

Stonesoup (est 2005) is about helping you SIMPLIFY eating healthier.

Without extra time, effort or worry.

With 6-Ingredient recipes and Simple Meal Plans so you eat well automatically and feel good in your clothes.

What Makes Stonesoup Recipes Different?

Simple. Flexible. Healthy.

I only write recipes with 6-ingredients or less.

My recipes include Substitutions to suit missing ingredients or different dietary requirements.

One of my ‘super powers’ is being able to simplify recipes without sacrificing flavour or resorting to processed crap.

I’m all about fresh everyday wholefoods ingredients.

For more about me see my about page or my now page.


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