My Best Restaurants GALWAY
(for lovers of BIG flavour)

restaurants galway

Looking for the most delicious places to eat in Galway? Love big explosions of flavour? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for my favourite best restaurants Galway.


The Best Restaurants Galway


With it’s all day breakfast menu Dela is perfect if you happen to be traveling with an Irishman who insists that his first meal of the day must consist of ‘breakfast’ foods. And the full Irish at Dela ticked all the boxes.

I also love their farm-to-table approach to veggies and if I lived in Galway the mushrooms with kale would be on my regular breakfast rotation.

Dela is also open for dinner – so next time keen to try their other offerings.

Dela Website


The Best Restaurants Galway


I loved everything about Ruibin (which means little Ruby). The port side location, the cosy decor. And especially the casual yet delicious lunch menu. When lunch starts with oysters then moves on to a lamb kebab with a poached egg on the side it makes for a very satisfied Jules. I could sit in the window seat (pictured above) any day of the week.

Ruibin Website.


Dinner at Kai was one of the best oyster experiences in my life. I’m already plotting my return. The tables are cosy and the service chatty and accommodating. And I loved the concise menu which made it easier to choose than a super long list. The whole experience was a delight. And what made it even more fun was discovering that the chatty (and super knowledgeable about food) guy dining alone on the table next to ours – was actually a Michelin inspector.

Kai Website.


ON my List for Next Time



Ard Bia:

Cava Bodega:



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Hope you enjoy your visit to Galway as much as we did!

If there’s something I’ve missed – please email and let me know

Jules x

Updated: November 2023