My Best Restaurants LIMERICK (for lovers of BIG flavour)

restaurants limerick

Looking for the most delicious places to eat in Limerick? Love big explosions of flavour? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for my favourite best restaurants Limerick.

I’ve been to Limerick too many times to count

It’s more about catching up with my Irishman’s family and friends than eating out. But I’ve managed to discover a few favourites anyway.

You’ll also notice that I’ve included a list of pubs because really all the best nights out in Limerick happen in the pub. When in Rome…erh Limerick…


The Best Restaurants Limerick

Hook & Ladder

Funky little place serving decent coffee and breakfasts. Just a short walk from my Irishman’s folk place so was super convenient for us.

The boys and I had many lovely afternoons hanging out in Hook & Ladder writing / drawing in our journals and drinking hot chocolates with an abundance of marshmallows AND chocolate flakes.

Hook & Ladder Website


The Best Restaurants Limerick

Flanagans on the Lake at Killaloe

My ancestors actually left Killaloe for Australia back in the 1850s. It’s such as lovely little town about 20km from Limerick and well worth a visit. Flanagans is an OK place to have a leisurely lunch. It’s mostly pub grub – so keep your expectations low and you’ll be OK.

Flanagans on the Lake at Killaloe Website


The Best Restaurants Limerick


Getting a reservation at Hemptons in the Savoy Hotel is a little ticky- your best bet it so put a request in via their website. But if you want a fancy night out in Limerick, Hamptons would be my pick.

The space is classic fancy steak house with spacious tables and comfy booths that mean you’ll want to linger. My steak was good (but not as good as my Irishmans), the creamed spinach reminded me how much I LOVE creamed spinach. And the boys were happy with their pasta and burgers from the kids menu.

XXX Website

Jasmine Palace

When my Irishman insisted on going to his favourite childhood Irish Chinese place I wasn’t super thrilled and just went along with the idea because I appreciate the value of nostalgia when it comes to food. I was pleasantly surprised by the Jasmine Palace. The space was modern and the wait staff super modern (they have robots which deliver food to the tables). We had a fun night.

The food was surprisingly OK (but remember I had very low expecations). And of course they served chips with everything.

Jasmine Palace Website

The Cornstore

As far as casual dining goes, the Cornstore is a reliable choice. I haven’t been for ages but my sources tell me it’s still good. Be warned though, the servings are huge.

The Corn Store Limerick Website

Bunratty Castle

Yes it’s super touristy and cheesy to have a Medieval banquet in a 1000 year old castle. But it’s also way more fun than you’d think. The wine and mead are free flowing and the medieval food is surprisingly tasty. Make sure you stop into Dirty Nelly’s for a drink either before or after.

Bunratty Castle Website

Spit Jack

We had a nice meal at Spit Jack but it was one of those places where the website looks much better than the food actually tastes. That being said the space was cosy and well designed and the service good so while I wouldn’t be in a hurry to return, if someone else suggested it I would be happy to go again. Although this time I’d order the slow cooked pork which is their specialty rather than the steak.

Apparently they are super busy for weekend brunches so keeping that in mind for next trip.

Spit Jack Website

The Best PUBS Limerick


Where do you go after a christening in Ireland? To the pub of course. O’Driscolls is our local and they do a fantastic job of catering to all ages. The boys had a fantastic time running around with their cousins.

Bobbie Burns

They talk themselves up as the best foodie pub in Limerick but we just had sandwiches which were pretty good but I’m keen to return and try their full menu. The space is cosy and inviting and there’s a big beer garden space out the back perfect for the boys to run around.

Nancy Blakes

My all time favourite pub in Limerick and the world. Can’t believe we didn’t make it here on our most recent trip.

Tom Collins

Love this little place. Loads of character.

The Curraghower

Overlooking the river and Clancy’s strand. The place for a medicinal hot whiskey – aka a hot toddy.

The White House

Great for a bit of poetry with your booze.

The Locke Bar

If you get nice weather head here to one of the outdoor tables. Last time I was there they had pour your own Guinness with taps at most tables. Believe me it’s harder than it looks.


ON my List for Next Time

+ D’oh Pizza

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Hope you enjoy your visit to LIMERICK as much as we did!

If there’s something I’ve missed – please email and let me know

Jules x

Updated: November 2023