Why you need a meal plan now more than ever

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Something unexpected happened when I was at the farmers market on Saturday.

It wasn’t anything to do with availability.

There was the usual abundance of fresh produce.

What I didn’t expect was how grateful I felt for my weekly meal plan and shopping list.


The main reason was it meant I was super efficient with my shopping.

In and out.

No faffing about.

But there were plenty of other reasons as well…

6 Reasons you need a meal plan now more than ever

1. Less trips to the store.

These days dropping in to the store on the way home from work every day isn’t a good option.

With a weekly meal plan, I get everything I need in just one trip.

And if I needed to, I could easily plan for a longer time.

But if you’re not used to planning ahead, it can be daunting.

Which is were Simple Meal Plans my done-for-you meal planning service can help.

2. Less temptation to over-buy / panic-buy.

If you have a plan and a list, you know how much food you need.

So you’ll be far less likely to fall for the trap of buying more more more.

3. Healthier choices.

When you plan in advance you use your rational brain, your prefrontal cortex to decide what to eat.

Which means you’ll choose fresh healthy options.

Just what your body needs to keep your immune system strong.

Where as if you wait until you’re at the shops to decide, you’ll be using your emotional brain which is focused on avoiding danger and seeking pleasure.

So you’re way more likely to come home with less healthy comfort foods.

4. Feel more organized.

There’s enough stress and uncertainty in the world at the moment.

You don’t need to be adding the ‘what should I eat?’ decision to your load.

When you follow a meal plan, you feel organized and calm because those decisions are done.

Allowing you to deal with the other challenges in life at the moment.

5. Less waste.

If you have a plan, you’ll buy what you need.

And you’ll use everything you buy.

Before it goes bad.

Without wasting money or ingredients.

6. Faster shopping.

When you shop from a list, you know exactly what you need.

Which saves you loads of time.

No wondering aimlessly around the store trying to think about what to cook and remember what you have at home.

With a list you’re in and out.

Like to try the power of meal planning?

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How to simplify meal planning.

So you eat healthier.

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And have fun in the kitchen!

Because that’s still an option :)

With love,
Jules x

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