Episode 73. My Supplement Habit

We explore:

  • The story behind why I started taking supplements.
  • My current supplements
  • Not-quite supplements
  • Kids supplements

Key Takeaway:
If you ‘d like to become someone who is not just surviving but thriving then I invite you to join the Naturally Healthy Club. It’s my 6-month coaching group which gives you a personalized, simple, doable process to change your relationship with food so you enjoy eating well automatically and feel good in your clothes. It’s super fun and I would love to welcome you in.

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Supplements: Magnesium Citramate
Supplements: Magnesium Taurate
Supplements: Magnesium L-Threonate
Supplements: Lions Mane Mushroom Extract
Not-Quite Supplements: Collagen Powder
Supplements: Fish Oil – Currently not available.
Supplements: Algal DHA
Supplements: Eye Armour
Supplements: Vitamin A + D + K Gummies
Supplements: Zinc Complex
Supplements: Resveratrol
Supplements: NMN
Kids supplements: Multivitamin
Kids supplements: fish oil
Kids supplements: Vitamin C
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