Episode 78. My 3 Worst Cooking Habits

JC Frowning

We explore:

  • Story behind this episode
  • My 3 Worst Habits
  • How I overcame them
  • Bonus tip – Unexpected benefits of cooking

Key Takeaway
If you want to go from cooking because you ‘have to’ and it not always being great to actually having fun in the kitchen and getting compliment from your family. Just know that it IS possible for you to change you just need to learn the 2 essential skills of seasoning and muscle memory meals. And I would love to be your teacher.

Join me in Joyful Cooking in 90 days. It’s my group coaching program where I help you learn to cook without recipes so you feel excited about hanging out in your kitchen.

For more details about the next group go to the Joyful Cooking Invitation Page.

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